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Tuesday confessions


(Since I missed Monday)

#1 Am I the only one who "organizes" their dirty dishes in the sink?

I realize it's a time waster but I can't help myself. Ever since my kids learned how to unload the dishwasher it's been their chore and now I'm so used to not having to do it myself that I refuse to. If the kids aren't home... the dirty dishes can wait in the sink... nice and organized :)

#2 I was singing the praises of our snowed-in family weekend on Sunday. By 3 pm that same afternoon however, I was ready to adopt my children out. So much restless energy! To top it off, Russell was no help whatsoever, as he has more energy than our entire household combined and kept trying to wrestle with me. (And I don't mean that as a coy innuendo. No, he literally wanted to wrestle.)
This sums it up pretty well. So when school was cancelled again yesterday I knew I had to do something. Something called BRIBERY.

"Children, we're going to have a good ol' cleaning morning. And if I'm happy with your work, I'll take you all to see The Lego Movie at the theaters."

Worked brilliantly. So much done! We invited Aunt Kelly and Hayden along to the movie and we all loved it (and Hayden's popcorn - that he very generously shared and I made the mistake of finishing off, not knowing he wanted it back, causing him to cry in the middle of the movie. My bad.)

Last night it poured all night and just like that all the snow was gone this morning. Along with my sweet little ones back to school. Hallelujah.


  1. And the movie was GREAT! Thanks for giving me a break in my day too!! And Hayden will eventually forgive you for the popcorn debaucle - it's not like he hadn't already devoured 3/4 of the bag on his own!!!! SHARE SON SHARE!

  2. Heard the movie was awesome ! So glad to got to get out and about .