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The Friday photo dump


1. Kendall's 7th grade team after their 1st playoff game win Monday night. They were pretty pumped! They played again last night and lost by only 1 point in the final seconds of the game - it was so exciting and a great end to their season.
2. Russell getting his coach of the year award at the district playoffs last weekend, where four of his players made 1st & 2nd team all league. (Woot woot!)
3. ANNDDD his team won the district championship game! They play tonight to make it to the State finals in Baker City next week! I AM A BALL OF NERVES.
4. And this is what Russ has been doing all week: game prep. Apparently sitting as close to the TV as possible is necessary when watching game film ;)

A few weeks ago a stylist girlfriend of mine asked if she could come over and do me up pretty to take pictures for her bridal work portfolio - and to please invite some friends too. To this request I clapped my hands and said, "yay!", because I can be ridiculously girly and that sounded AWESOME, and then looked forward to this past Wednesday for two weeks. I invited these two lovely ladies over: Heidi & Mikayla, made grilled chicken salads with parmesan pita wedges for lunch, and enjoyed myself immensely. Kerisa (my talented stylist friend) isn't pictured but we had so much fun getting dolled up by her, she is pretty amazing! 


1. Help me Rhonda... Hershey's came out with coconut creme kisses. I didn't dare buy the bag because I knew exactly what would happen to it if I did! (see #4 below).
2. Our neighbor's subtle new lawn ornament. Smack dab in the middle of their lawn and literally as tall as their house. The good news is our house just got a whole lot easier to give directions to! 
3. Miley's favorite position in the car: copilot. She has amazing balance and never falls off!
4. I made the mistake of buying these last week. And then ate the entire bag (minus the three I gave my kids) in four days. I swear, Easter candy is my downfall!

Today at 3:30 pm we'll be at Clark park for a balloon release ceremony for Ryan while his funeral is happening simultaneously in Kansas at 5:30 pm central time. His favorite color was orange so we're going to fill the sky with orange balloons in his memory. I think it's a perfect way to end this week. 

Have an amazing weekend.

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  1. Great recap of events... I have yet to see the horse..interesting statement...wonder if that is to cause people to slow down. Excited to watch the game tonight and will see everyone at Clark park.