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Friday photo dump


Blake's favorites. Mine too. Kindergartner reading is starting to happen for real around here! 

Field trip! (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry)

Cooper in the land of science is a sight to behold... I loved experiencing it with him.

Starbucks' salted caramel square, which I discovered today while treating myself to a coffee. 
(Grocery shopping deserves treats - write that down.)
I don't want to sound crazy here, but this maaay be better than the cranberry bliss bar. TRY IT.

Russ's work gave him a new phone and I was all kinds of spastic with excitement over setting it up for him
 and showing him how to use AirDrop and FaceTime. Weeeeee! Now we're phone twins!

So I went to Target to buy dress pants yesterday. Unfortunately the ones I liked were not on sale, and while 
$28.00 doesn't seem spendy for dress pants, to me it certainly seems spendy for Target. But then I found
this striped sheath dress and pencil skirt on clearance, which together totaled less than the pants, and the bottom
 line is that I've decided dress pants are over-rated.

(I just shared this exciting tale with Russ and the results were very disappointing: he actually wide-mouth
YAWNED halfway through. Why don't boys get excited over shopping deals??)

Happy weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Well, you have all kinds of excitement going on there ! Sweet about the phone..and the caramel treat looks wonderful, ( I am an avid believer that shopping trips should most definitely incorperate personal gratifications as rewards for a job well done. :D Keep up the excellent work ethics. ;D