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End of the week photo dump


My new Scentsy warmer for my bedroom. I think it's darling!

After accidentally buying sugar-free hot cocoa mix (horrible aftertaste), 
I was forced to desperate measures, i.e., homemade hot chocolate. Which, it turns out, is AMAZING. 

Our amazing new antenna that's working awesomely. Cool looking, huh?!

snow buddies :)

Spending a lot of time riiiight here this winter. 

Blake and all his beloved friends say hello! 

We are addicted to asparagus. 
This means we eat the entire Costco bundle at one meal and I secretly eat at least 3 or 4 stalks before serving up ;)

Yesterday Russell surprised me at work with this special delivery. 
Or I should say he would have surprised me, if I had actually been at work. WIFEFAIL.

These three are my best Valentine gifts of all.

My beautiful date last night :) Russ had an away game so we're going out tonight. 
In the meantime, Sairaina and I had ourselves a lovely movie night and I introduced her to my
favorite movie of all time: Pride & Prejudice. she loved it! 
My mission to convert one person at a time to Jane Austen fan-dom continues... ;)


  1. Asparagus ! You just reminded me I have some for tonight. Yay !! The new scentsy warmer looks very cool all lit up. Have an amazing date night.

  2. Okay. If you like homemade hot chocolate, you need to take it to the next level: Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate. Whisk 1 T powdered sugar and 1 T baking cocoa in a mug. Add a few drops of water-- enough to make a chocolate-syrup-type consistency. Add a dollop of peanut butter and microwave for 25 seconds. Add warm/hot milk and whisk again. DELICIOUS! I dream of the next opportunity to make myself a mug!

    1. Holy moly, that sounds AMAZING! I am so going to try it today!! Thanks for the directions!

  3. "My mission to convert one person at a time to Jane Austen fan-dom continues... ;)" Good mission! :) So I have to know which P&P version is your favorite and why! :)

    1. So I LOOOVE the Kiera Knightly version – it’s just perfection to me. I love the Collin firth one too, but it’s not as easy to watch over and over when it’s that long!