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Awkward and Awesome (mostly awesome)


- The dive bomb I just took into a full-on reading binge. I don't know how people read just a bit here and there or a chapter at a time each night. What?! I CAN NOT EVEN. I HAVE TO FINISH IT! AND THEN START ANOTHER! And thus, nothing else gets accomplished in my life during these periods. At all.
- That moment when you realize you've just unwittingly embarrassed your child in front of their class and you can't undo it, so your whisper your apologies to them out of the corner of your mouth, cringe at yourself, and swear you're not going to be "that parent".
- All the crying that's been going on during the Olympics this past week. Oh, I don't mean on the TV, I mean right here in my living room. Give me one moving backstory and I'm done. Or a good commercial... that'll do it too!

- This movie trailer, based on this book:
I'm a sucker for inspiring movies based on real life stories!
- This great group of parents who just finished taking the pre-toddler class Russ and I teach at our church. It was a fun four weeks hanging out with them! And look at their cute babies!
^^Mike & Linley with Tristan, Tom & Nicole with Reagan, Kourtney (sans husband Micah) with Peyton, and Ryan & Annie with Timothy^^
- When your 5th grader still wants you to go on his class field trips with him so you get to spend the day at OMSI, and you have a stellar time at it too.
- My fine coachin' husband who was just voted league coach of the year by his colleagues, and whose team plays in the league championship game this weekend before entering the state playoffs next week. Crossing my fingers for another trip to Baker City this March!

Have an awesome day, everyone!


  1. I didn't hear that Russell got coach of the year - how very awesome and VERY deserved!

  2. Amen to Kelly's comment, had not heard either... Great you got to spend the day at OMSI also very cool.
    Let the fun continue .

  3. So what book are you/Did you read?

    1. My sister-in-law introduced me to Mary Connealy and I read her book Calico Ranch. Totally light easy read but I haven't read christian romance fiction in quite a while and it was so enjoyable (and funny) that it made me want to dive back in so I'm now about to start book #3 of hers! (I am ridiculous ;)

  4. Haha, what did you do to embarrass your kid? That book sounds exciting! What was it?

    Corinne x

    1. To tell on myself or not to tell? Lol, I emailed you the details, Corinne :)

  5. Congrats to your husband!! That is definitely awesome!!! :)