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A very snowed in weekend


The makings of an extra-special three-day weekend include:
- the most snow we've had in years
- cancelled school
- cancelled everything
the Olympics
- a fancy new TV antenna so I can watch the Olympics! (thank you kind husband!!)
- a freshly stocked pantry & fridge
- board games
- movies
- sledding at the neighbors
- a little 4-wheeling
- homemade hot chocolate
- a warm fireplace
- church live-streamed right into our living room

In a word, it has been AWESOME.

^^our house on Friday - before another couple inches dumped on Saturday^^

^^And a friendly reminder: don't eat the yellow snow!^^

It's starting to melt now and the forecast for the week is non-stop rain (sigh... back to normal) so we're enjoying the last few hours of our winter wonderland and trying not to pout while Russell beats our tails at Qwirkle :) Over and out!

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  1. Hey, great picture of your the paint.