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A Dave Ramsey approved date night


Listen. We love a romantic and special night out as much as the next couple.

But we also love a good ol' date-on-a-dime. So this Valentines, with a $50 Claim Jumper gift card and a $25 Cheesecake Factory gift card saved from Christmas and birthdays, the choice was clear. A nearly free date!

First up: Starbucks. This is tradition... mainly because we love Starbucks.

Next: Dinner at Claim Jumper.

I am incapable of ordering anything besides the Jamaican jerk chicken sweet potato. It speaks to me.

Our gift card covered both our dinners, a shared appetizer, my drink, and our tip! We for real high-fived on the way out to the car. Dinner was followed up with a movie (we are huge movie theater fans) and since Russ saw Safe Haven with me last Valentines, I surprised him by picking Lone Survivor this time.

(This is called a Valentine's compromise... and trust me, it will pay off, ladies.)

I actually really liked it, despite the violence. It definitely tugged at all my patriotic heart-strings and made me grateful once again for all the men and women who serve our country!

Side story: the teenager running the ticket booth initially charged us $28.50 for two $10.50 tickets. When I pointed out that wasn't the right price, she didn't know why not until I said, "because 10.50 plus 10.50 doesn't equal $28.50." So she said, "oh I'm sorry", and rang up our total as $18.00, saying, "there you go, I fixed it" with a big smile. At which point Russ & l gave each other the look that says, "LOST CAUSE" and walked inside. This does not bode well for America's future, folks. 

Moving on. Dessert at the Cheesecake Factory!
Dessert and another appetizer for Russ :) 

Once again our gift card covered our food and our tip. Cheap Valentines date for the win! And like always we had a fabulous time out together. Valentines Day or not, extra-fancy or casual, we will always continue to date each other.

And now, Happy Presidents day!


  1. Okay, a whole Valentine's day nearly completely free is amazing! And look at all that scrumptious food! Now I think that Jamaican jerk chicken sweet potato is speaking to me ;)
    xo TJ

  2. Loved this Job..Dave Ramsey could read it and use it as a testimony ! Love the pics and that you had always an amazing time...looking good girl !!

    1. Sorry JOD ....darn auto correct.!

  3. I loved your last line," We will always continue to date each other." Fabulous!