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Monday Confessional


Confession: Up until recently (very recently, possibly a week and a half recently) I didn't know that dishwashers heat their own water. As in, don't need a full supply of hot water from your hot-water heater.

I found this out in the most random, roundabout way while talking with a girlfriend and was all, "WHAT?!! You mean all this time I've been scheduling my dishwashing times around our laundry and shower use FOR NOTHING?!!"

And she was all, "I'm so embarrassed to know you, how did you even make it to adulthood on your own?" (Okay not really but she was possibly thinking it.) And I didn't even care because I was all, "My. Mind. Is. BLOWN".

This was a game-changer, folks. Oh, I have been washing my dishes whenever I want to! Like a crazy dishwashing lady! Who doesn't even care that 4 people just took a shower and we are down to tepid-at-best water temperatures for the next hour!

(But still, yes, I'm embarrassed that I missed this key point in common household appliance knowledge. I knew dishwashers had their own heaters... I just thought it was only for drying the dishes. Huh. This would have been very helpful information about TEN YEARS AGO.)

Here's to homemaking made a little bit easier!


  1. I didn't know that either! I always run my dishwasher late at night so it wouldn't affect our water. :-/

  2. I just asked my husband about this and he couldn't believe that I didn't know it either! Good to know!