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Just a few things


1. First of all, thank you for helping a mama out yesterday with the eyebrow question! I feel fully supported, whatever my choice ;)

2. On Monday my sister informed friends and family via facebook that it was the 22-year anniversary of our family moving to the United States.

My reaction was twofold:
a) "it can not have been twenty-two years ago! What?!!! How could I have been raised in New Zealand and lived here for so long on top of that?! I'm sooooo OLD! Waaaaaaaa!" (the inside of my head can be a very dramatic place)
and b) "well that's why Kelly is the memory-keeper of the family... I would have sworn we moved here January 21st."

3. Sunday night's episode of Downton Abbey was quite traumatic and I'm not over it yet. I couldn't sleep afterwards. I was afraid to actually... of the dreams I might have. Not cool, Downton, not cool.

4. I love January because the kids are only back in school for a week before finals week... meaning three half days of school and then another 4-day weekend. I don't know why I equate school vacation with me vacation but I guess that's where I'm at right now, because it totally is! Yeah!

5. Sometimes Russell wears my purple silky sleep mask to sleep and then I take pictures of him to send him at work the next day. Hubba, hubba ;)

6. So there's this Japanese thing on the market called Happy Kitchen kits; little boxes of tiny edible candy-type food to mix together, mold, and decorate - no baking. My brother Jamin saw them on TV and ordered all the nieces and nephews three different kinds for Christmas, just as a fun experiment to try. The boxes and instructions don't have a lick of English on them so you have to go to youtube to watch a video tutorial (there are tons) to get the basic idea of what to do, but it's not complicated. We dove in Sunday afternoon and tried out the donuts.
Look! It's like Barbie food! It was pretty much the best half hour of easy entertainment you could ask for. And I didn't try one because, umm, no thank you, but the kids said they were tasty. Thanks, Uncle Jay!

7. And that's all I have for ya. I was going to go for ten but I just spent an hour helping my daughter study for her history final and my brain quit working 40 minutes in. I'm done.


  1. oh those blast history finals and children that wait till the last minute to study!! Urg.. I'm not bitter at all;)

  2. Maybe I should be worried now. Mine didn't ask for history finals study help!

  3. Our poor Anna!!!!! Wait until mr bates finds out!!!