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Friday photo dump


It's the end of the week! I get my hair cut & colored tomorrow! American Idol has started and Russ and I are having a catch-up marathon tonight! Sherlock has also returned to PBS and I LOVE ME SOME SHERLOCK!

What I'm saying is that it's a Happy Friday. Here's what's been up lately:

Saturday morning science club with Cooper. This was some sort of cornstarch/water/food coloring concoction. 
Something about a solid under pressure and then liquid with no pressure? 

Miley figured out how to roll down the back window. She is now worse to drive with than a two-year-old.

Step aside MAC eyeshadow, I have fallen  in love with L'Oreal Infallible 24-hour shadows. Half the price, yo! (YO. Not ho ;) 
These colors are iced latte, endless pearl, and gilded envy. And they are awesome. 

Office perks. I volunteer at my kids' school Friday mornings and there just happens to be a coffee shop inside, and this morning there was also free donuts! 

Jana went to Hawaii last week and while I was a little green with envy, I was also very happy to get some fun treats when she returned! 
Yay for best friends who know how much you love yummy smelling soap and chocolate!

When face-painting actually turns out really pretty. School was a fun one today!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I always enjoy photo dump..I learn such a lot :D
    Nice art work on K.. Who did it ? Mrs Wootan ??
    I experienced a science mishap, kind of cool, Cooper might be interested in it.
    Welcome back Jana..we missed you.

    1. Miss Alma the art teacher did it! You'll have to share about this "science mishap" :)

  2. Ahh, free donuts for the win!! And that seriously might be the most intense face paint I've ever seen. It's stunning!

  3. That face paint is insane!! I love getting my hair done too, but what girl doesn't? :)

  4. Kendall looks older in that pic and the beauty mark on her neck is perfect.