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Friday photo dump


Pics from the phone cam...

My monkey bread. Loved by the people everywhere. Will possibly be found in heaven. Recipe found here.

My very cute new phone case from my husband finally came this week! I love it oh so much.

And Russell's new boots, also from himself! (Wouldn't mind a pair myself actually for those trips to the woodshed during the winter...)

Mom hell, level 29: when you have enough partnerless socks to fill a laundry basket. 
Where have all the socks gone? I don't even know. 

My latest food addiction, in this particular flavor. With a thin layer of butter. Cheese optional.

And speaking of cheese, since I seem to have a food theme going this week: we take our Tillamook very seriously here in these parts.
5 pounds lasts us one month. No, we can not use another brand. Ever.

I Found these two tucked away in Kendall's room last night, reading Lewis Caroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Carry on, sweet children!

Happy Friday, everyone! We have basketball games, a fun date night, and a birthday party this weekend.
And let us not forget... Downton Abbey!

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  1. That last images is precious. I will try those triscuits!