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Saturday morning Russ and I ditched the kids and took off to the coast for a couple of nights.
We'll call it a mid-basketball-season getaway.

It was just us, the waves, some (miraculous) sunshine...

Aaaaannnddd... a van full of teenage girls.

So let's actually call it a mid-basketball-season TEAM getaway!

And it was so. much. fun.

My teenage nephew, Ben, tried to give me his condolences before we left, not thinking I'd enjoy myself.
"Are you kidding?" I replied, "I'm excited!"
"But you'll be staying with eleven teenage girls in one house!" he said.
And then my niece Debbie piped in, "yeah, but Aunt Jodi kinda IS a teenage girl".
I laughed so hard.

It's sorta true. I soaked up every last bit of the trip and was sad when it was time to come home Monday afternoon. I love these girls. Throw in a ton of chick-flicks, shopping at the outlet mall, eating out, adventuring down to the beach in the dark, going out to the movies, and hanging out with the other trip chaperons (our friends Lisa and Janin), and you have yourself the makings for a very fine weekend indeed!

(Especially the shopping part. Some deal scoring happened there that was worthy of a few congratulatory high-fives.)

The views weren't so bad either.
^^The lake house in Pacific City that we stay in every summer^^
And in case you wondered how Russ enjoyed himself; he got to put a fishing line in the lake and watch the Seahawks game while we shopped, all he needed to have a happy time as well. It was a giant win all around :) 

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