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Awkward and Awesome


- when you decide to make mashed potatoes and good ol' green bean casserole for dinner... at 6:30 pm at night because you're a slacker, but you use frozen beans instead of canned beans. You may think you thawed them well enough, but next thing you know, half an hour in the oven has turned into an hour and a half in the oven, and they are STILL crunchy. Mashed potatoes for dinner it is, my poor family. Aaaaand now it's bed time.
- the amount of time I have spent obsessing over eyebrows in the past month. If you've talked to me in person lately I can 100% guarantee you we've spoken about eyebrows. I am basically a brow theory expert now. An expert who won't shut up about it. Sorry.
- and this brings us to awkward number next: when you finally feel like you've got this whole penciling-in-your-eyebrows thing down, and then a 9-year-old randomly tells you, "your eyebrows are so cool... it totally looks like you just drew them on!" Translation: THE JIG IS UP. Dang it.

- Your seventh grader going off with her youth group to her first ever big city youth conference, and all the memories it brings back of your youth group days. Ahhh, the good ol' days ;) It's actually hard to decide who's more excited; Kendall, whose love of praise & worship, large crowds of potential new friends, and missing a day of school, are all combining into one happy event, or myself, who knows exactly how much she's going to absolutely love it.
- This season of American Idol. In it's 13th season, I think it's officially my longest running TV love. (If only Friends had never ended!) That Harry Connick... I love that guy.
- Friends who walk with you at the track when it's 38 degrees outside... and who don't let you give up on working out.
Thanks, Kristie! (^^bad eyebrow day alert^^)
- and cousins who come over to help you fold and stuff 150 Scrap Around the Clock registrations while you watch Here Comes the Boom together. (Hey, it had to be a safe pick for the kids, otherwise it would have been The Notebook FOR SURE.)
Thanks. Linley! (^^good eyebrow day alert^^)


  1. You are so funny about your eyebrow drama! I like how you weaved the eyebrow theme thru the whole post! Your eyebrows always look perfectly good to me. Don't listen to 9 years olds about eyebrows, they know nothing (See where i am going with this?!)

  2. Hey good job on working out ( bless you Kristie ) and ditto to Tricia's comment. I' m going to have to check out American idol again, just to see the judges ;D

  3. You'll have to share your eyebrow wisdom with me. I have never done anything with my eyebrows except comb them. I was talking to my hair stylist yesterday about wanting to try and shape them. She couldn't believe I've never tried anything before. I am a big chicken! :P

    1. You’ve never plucked or waxed your eyebrows?!! Wow! I have since I was a teen... but maybe that’s why they finally stopped growing! I haven’t shared it on my blog yet but I actually had permanent makeup done on my eyebrows two weeks ago! I love how they turned out and can’t wait to share... just waiting for complete healing for “after” pics :)

      I definitely recommend shaping though, and filling in when needed with a matte brow shadow or pencil! There are lots of options in grocery stores and they’re super cheap too!