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Awkward and Awesome


- Let me set up the scene: I'm in the Nike outlet store at the Coast this past weekend waiting in line to check out. It's one of those corded off winding lines like in the airport or Disneyland so at a certain point there is a horizontal line of people behind your back, not just one person. It's at this point that I swivel around to talk to Russell who is not in line, and my denim shirt that snaps up the front catches on a piece of metal on the post that holds the cord and literally RIPS OPEN.


Full row of people behind me. As I resnap my shirt with lightening speed, I quickly make eye contact to see if anyone saw. Yes. Possibly all of them. "Awwwkward!" Is all I can mumble as I spin back around to face forward again.

Snaps are from Satan. My shirt and I are no longer speaking.

(The one saving grace was that I had safety pinned shut the gap right between the 2nd and 3rd snap down from the inside of my shirt, you know, "the bra gap", So it was not a full flashing. Thank GOD.)
^^The shirt pre-breakup. This was in the Nike fitting room not 10 minutes before "the incident".
I was taking my opportunity to get my outfit picture for the day since there was no mirror in our room at the beach house!^^ 
- Also slightly awkward: While at the coast with Russ's team I put a picture on facebook of our van full of teen girls headed to shop after hitting up Starbucks with the caption: "outlet mall, Ho!"

I meant this in the same way sailors of yore would yell, "Land, Ho!", like, "here we come! Outlets ahead!", but apparently I'm outdated because every single girl in that van read it and thought I'd meant to write "yo" but had made a typo and actually called them all hoes. I had to explain what the saying meant. They still thought everyone that read it would think the same thing they thought. And then I felt 100 years old.

- My outlet store deals! After my traumatizing experience in Nike (all for a pair of 20% off the clearance price sweatpants), I hit the Loft clearance sale and bought a $69 dress, $42 sweater, and $35 blouse all for $46.00 total. And then I did a happy dance.
- The City of Portland (my husband's employer) accidentally paid everybody a day early this week so after an appointment in town yesterday morning I was able to pop right over to Costco, hitting two birds with one stone. This led to the discovery of this cute sweater that popped itself right into my grocery cart.
Was it fate? I think so.

(I know, I know, lay off the stripes already, Jodi! I hear you. And then ignore you. ;)


  1. Ah, that's SO awkward! Thank goodness the bra wasn't flashed though. Would've been way worse!!

  2. Hahahaha!! I love your awkward/awesome posts! Also - there is NEVER too many striped items of clothing. Or polka dot for that matter! xx

  3. You're so funny. Thank God for safety pins. I may start using them "just in case". ;-)


  4. How does this stuff happen to you? I just can't fathom it. And yet I feel like I should thank you at the same time, because it is CLEAR that you have taken over the embarrassing moments for everyone in the family, so that I don't have to have any of my own. Very kind of you dear sister!

  5. I'm so sorry Jod, great you can laugh at things like that and let us join in the fun. Note: forward ho ! Totally the right wording, let it be known English classes everywhere... History came first, learn your history .
    Blessing upon blessing ..nice sweater. :D

  6. Oh my.... That shirt might have to be dead to you now. For a while anyways! But cute stuff popping into your cart is always a win!

  7. Oh my goodness... I haven't stopped by your page in a long time, and I just so happened by... Hilarious!!! Sorry that happened to you. Wardrobe malfunctions are the worst! My mom once had one of those shirts on once when she was 13, and a bee flew inside her blouse. In that situation, they were a life saver. All except for the fact that she ended up shirtless on the side of a freeway. Oh yes. It is a great story. :D

    1. Bahahaha! I can imagine! Too funny :)