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Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- learning how to use a Sonicare toothbrush. Let's just say there's definitely a bit of a learning curve. The good news is I now know NOT to turn it on once water and toothpaste have been applied until AFTER it's in my mouth. I can also report that toothpaste in your eye is not pleasant.
- when husbands who get up at 4:20 am use their fancy new electric toothbrush in the bathroom next door, with the door shut, and you are suddenly woken from a dead sleep sure the darn thing is actually going off 10 inches from your face, it's that loud.
- driving the 20 minutes to work in your husband's cute little Jetta instead of your Honda Pilot to save on gas money because he's home for the day, only to realize upon arrival that the key to get into your empty work office is back home on your Pilot key chain. Money save FAIL.
- sending your kids next door with a Christmas card for your elderly neighbors and instructions to not just hand it over and leave but to chit-chat for a while to be polite, and then getting the report from your older son when they return that upon handing over the card, your neighbor said thank you and Merry Christmas and attempted to say goodbye and shut the door, but your 5-year-old son told her, "we can't leave yet, our mom said we have to stay and chit-chat."
- picking a day for your brother to take your son out of school early to take him on a special outing, and promising said brother to send your son with a note for his teacher so he can be released into your brother's care, and then not only forgetting to send the note, but forgetting to even tell your son, so when your innocent brother shows up at the school no one knows what's going on and commotion ensues.

(Text to my brother immediately after: spacey, forgetful, a dork - yes, I am all of these things.)

- my ability to remember the simplest of tasks planned only the day before! It's astounding! I assure you everywhere I go people think I'm so organized and on top of things!
- uncles who take their nephews out of school for the day to experience the wonder that is OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), and even remember to take pictures!

- boys who are inspired by all they have seen and done and learned, and who come home on cloud nine full of wondrous descriptions of atoms and neurons and thingamanons, who then do this instead of the homework they're supposed to be working on:

- the miracle that is the electric toothbrush. Yes, we're back to dental hygiene. Oh my gosh, my teeth are so clean. And I was meticulous with my teeth brushing before! The difference is just unbelievable and I'm sorry, but it's really exciting.


  1. Uncle Jay is the BEST! Also, note to self... ALWAYS give Cooper his Christmas present BEFORE Uncle Jamin unveils his! Lesson learned.

  2. Also, I'd have loved to have been a witness to you learning to use your Sonicare... I laugh just imagine it.