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Hey, neighhhhbor


It's not every day you come home to find a horse in your yard.

But when you do, and you are one of my children, you immediately come to the least likely conclusion... that daddy brought one home as a surprise and left it there for you, gates wide open, even though he's still at work.

I'm afraid I had to break the news that this was not the case, the horse must have escaped from a neighbors and found it's way to our backyard on it's own.

To this announcement the children immediately hatched a plan to keep it forever and named it Dusty. Again I was the bearer of bad news: the horse would certainly be missed by it's owner and would not be staying.

Such a mean mom.

It was a fun couple of hours though...

He was the nicest horse. Turns out he's 35 years old. His owner collected him gratefully later that evening and the children then got their first glimpse of real horse-ownership: pooper-scooping!

Haven't heard a word about owning a horse since.

What I Wore Wednesday


This is not fashion related, but yesterday morning we awoke to a balmy 27 degree morning.
Doesn't that just seem rude?
I mean listen, Oregon, it's still October. Pace yourself!

No. 1
thrifted tissue tee, clothes swap skirt, Ross belt, clearance Old Navy flats
and that's what you call an "el cheapo" outfit, folks. 

No. 2 
Maurice's top, Banana Republic jeans, Matisse boots from DSW Shoes, old Kmart scarf

No. 3 
hand-me-down dress from a friend, thrifted belt, Fylo leggings, Matisse boots

No. 4 
Dress barn shirt, clothes swap REI vest, thrifted Maurice's jeans, Target booties

Four's all I've got for ya this week.
Here's to a hopefully warmer Wednesday!

pleated poppy

On hamsters and bucks and other things


First off, it's Monday morning and this marks day five since we last saw Cooper's hamster, Mrs. Cuddles. She escaped last Wednesday night while we were at church and after much crying (Cooper), house tearing apart (everyone), and more crying (Cooper again), we set out food and assumed we'd see her when she decided to come out of hiding.

I think it's pretty safe to say that day has come and gone. Mrs. Cuddles done gone climbed into the hole in the laundry room wall behind the washing machine and escaped under the house and got herself EATEN is what I'm thinking. (But not saying to Cooper of course because we are avoiding that subject with a ten-foot pole. It's going to come up soon though. Lord help us all.)

Speaking of dead animals... Russell enjoyed hunting success this weekend.
(Another thing I'm not touching with a ten-foot pole.)

So we had a fun weekend. We had a family movie night at home Friday night with the kids, eating popcorn and watching Iron Man 3. Saturday morning was when Russ shot his buck, early enough that he was still able to make it to Blake's last soccer game of the season, and the little pizza party for the team afterwards. 

Saturday afternoon we watched our niece Miranda play in the district playoffs with her volleyball team and they seeded 2nd to state, with a home state playoff game this coming Wednesday. SUPER exciting stuff in our small sports-lovin' world here, people! 

And yesterday afternoon was spent with new friends from church, relaxing over amazing lasagna and homemade artisan bread with carrot cake for dessert. It was the best day ever, as far as Sundays not involving me having to cook at all go ;)

And that was the weekend! Pretty good all around, except for the lack of hamsters reappearing out of thin air, which is what we were secretly hoping for. Darn it. 

Friday photo dump


Scenes from the week from the cell phone...

Doesn't get much better than having your cousin on your soccer team! Tomorrow is their last game.
I admit I will slightly miss the getting up early to watch their Saturday morning games. Slightly. 

We attended the most beautiful outdoor Fall wedding last Saturday evening. It was perfect. 

They had a new family bible out for guests to underline and sign their favorite scripture for the couple.
I thought this was such a cool idea!

We knew the newlyweds from when they were just little kids.
Awww, so sweet to watch them grow up and be a part of their special day!
(Gosh darn, it makes you feel old though...)

My friend Joni consulting at her first Jamberry Nail party. I'm so excited for her new business!

Early morning coffee date with Jana after dropping the kids off at school.
That cinnamon roll piled with cream cheese frosting was amaaazing

And then we felt guilty and walked two miles at the track ;)

Blake sporting his new buzz cut from Daddy. Handsome lil' fella!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

What I Wore Wednesday


This week's post is what I like to call "outfit heavy". I didn't even share one of the outfits I took pictures of and I still have seven! A direct correlation to how busy I've been keeping myself...

No. 1
Shade Clothing tee, Target puffer vest, thrifted Maurice's jeans, Ugg cardy boots

No. 2 
Target blouse, cardigan & jeans, Matisse boots from DSW Shoes, Wet Seal necklace

No. 3 
(to work in the school office)
Target dress & cardigan, Maurice's purple tights (PURPLE!) and belt, Matisse boots

No. 4 
Old Navy top, clothes swap REI puffer vest, Target jeans, Matiise boots, old Fred Meyer's necklace

No. 5
(to an outdoor evening wedding)
thrifted Target dress, Old Navy cropped cardigan, thrifted belt, Walmart patterned tights, Matisse boots

No. 6
(to church - where I had the fashion malfunction)
Maurice's shirt, clothes swap Banana Republic skirt, Sassy Steals necklace, Matisse boots

No. 7 
thrifted H&M shirt, Calvin Klein jeans, Ross sandals, Wet Seal necklace

Is five days in a row too many to wear your favorite riding boots? Apparently not if you are me.
Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy

It's all fun and games till your car dies in the road


Yesterday was a crazy busy day.

Prayer group after morning school drop off.
Back down to the school for 11am kindergarten pickup.
Off to friend Kristie's for hour long Turbo Jam workout (twice a week, every week, because we ROCK.)
Run home, quick lunch and shower, then drop off kindergartner at Mum's and head to doctor appointment.
Back to Mum's to pick up all three kids who are now all out of school.
Drop oldest and youngest off at home and run middle child all over the planet (okay, into Molalla and then back out to Colton) selling Scentsy for a school fundraiser and collecting the money. (Middle child is rockstar salesman and does awesome.)
Quick stop at the taco stand for dinner.
Drop middle child back home, pick up oldest child, inhale tacos, kiss husband hello and goodbye, and off to friend's very first Jamberry Nails party, dropping off oldest on the way to babysit for sister's boys.

Fall in love with Jamberry Nails. (What's not to love?! They are inexpensive, easy to apply, last two weeks with no chipping or peeling, do zero nail damage, and come in one billion cute designs!)
Book own home party to host. (Nov 11th. Please come!)
Chat for way too long while completely enjoy a relaxing and child-free evening.
Pick up oldest and head home.
Run out of gas. DEAD IN THE ROAD. Two minutes after the closest gas station closes.
Call husband and wake him from a dead sleep after warning oldest child to "brace yourself, this may not be pretty".
Sigh in relief when husband is not upset at all and swoops in to the rescue with nary a word of rebuke.
Drive to next closest gas station and fill up.
Come home and kiss award-deserving husband.

Lesson learned: When driving till kingdom come all day, better check the gas gauge.

Monday Confessional


Yesterday I forgot to wear a slip under my knee-length cotton skirt when I went to church, and because I was wearing spanx underneath (miracle working shapewear), couldn't feel that my skirt had climbed up to my inner thighs and stayed there due to static cling until I caught a glimpse of myself in the church foyer mirror after walking in. This could have been a real disaster, but thanks to my 10-minutes-late tardiness, no one was left in the foyer to witness this sight. Procrastination for the win.

This was not nearly as bad as the wedding I went to a couple of weeks back, when I also walked in 10 minutes late (I know, I am ashamed), and quietly stood in the back till I could scope out a seat. I was still standing there when my sister caught my eye from the back of the audience by wildly gesturing for me to pull down my dress. I looked down and found that my cross-body purse had caused my slippery dress to ride up to MY HIP on one side. I had leggings on underneath, BUT STILL.

This seems to be my month for major fashion calamities. From here on out I am on high alert, people.

Friday photo dump


Why hello Friday night! Time for a photo dump of the cell phone pics...

First off, and most importantly:
As I'm sure you can guess, not much else has been going on since this sweet yellow baby arrived in my hands :) I am in love. 

This cute lil' number was a $7.99 deal on that I could just not pass up. 
Can't wait to wear it soon!

"Date" being a relative term here... we went to Costco. 
But ALSO krispy kreme for their pumpkin cheesecake donut aaand Dutch Bros. for coffee, so yeah! Great sister date!

Serious artist at work. Note: watercolors work horribly on pumpkins, but 5-year-old boys don't care.
They get to dip paint brushes in water cups!

If you don't live near a Costco then I feel sad for you. Unless you can find these somewhere else, in which case, woohoo for you!
 The fine print mentions wrapped in white chocolate and that's all I needed to see... SOLD. They are amaaaaaziiiing.

This year I have started working in my kids' school office once a week. I am loving it!
Especially working with my beautiful friend Sairaina :)

Kendall's volleyball team ready to play their last game of the season earlier today. 
They had such a great season and improved so much, I can't wait to watch them next year!

And seeing as that it was the last game of the season, off we went to Dairy Queen afterwards to try their new pumpkin pie blizzards. 
Two thumbs up, guys. 

Happy weekend!

Pumpkin Patch


Monday morning was Blake's first official school field trip. We went to Bauman Farms, The world's okay maybe just Oregon's best pumpkin patch ever, and in Blake's own words; it was his "most awesome field trip yet!"

As someone with a 7th and 5th grader and therefore MUCH field tripping experience, I still have to agree with Blake, it was totally awesome. Besides the tractor ride to pick our pumpkins, visit to the petting zoo, and demo of how fresh cider is made, we also got to taste-test the freshly made cider and then sample their warm-out-of-the-ovens apple cider donuts, which are amazing.

I may or may not have taken a little side-trip over to their store to buy a bag of six for the road. Nomm. Don't worry though, I shared. Three of them, to be exact. ;) 

What I Wore Wednesday


No. 1
sweater from my sister, Maurice's denim shirt, thrifted Banana Republic jeans, Matisse boots from DSW Shoes

No. 2 
Clothes swap REI puffer vest, Lands End turtleneck, thrifted jeans, Forever 21 scarf, Target hat, old as dirt Uggs (that I swear each winter I won't wear in public anymore but end up pulling out for one more year because, I love you forever Uggs, even though you are now truly ugly.)

No. 3 
Target cardigan, Old Navy blouse, Banana Republic jeans, Matisse boots

No. 4 
Old Shade Clothing turtleneck, Target sweater, Walmart skinny jeans, Costco shearling boots, Target hat

No. 5 
Target sweater & wedge booties, Maurice's shirt, Gap jeans

Happy Wednesday, thanks for stopping by :)
pleated poppy