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Monday Confessional


I wore camo to church yesterday.

Oh yes I did.
Kelly, me & Joni

In my defense, I will say that it was a special themed service, based on the sermon brought by my brother-in-law Dave who was guest-speaking, and that everyone was invited beforehand to participate.

(To which I initially said "HECK NO", and "I am embarrassed for our redneck church already", until I realized Russ and I were door greeters that day and it would probably be unsportsmanlike of me not to join in, darn it all.)

So off I went wearing one of Russ's shirts, as prettied up as I could make it, and I have to say, it turned out to be a blast! At least 60% of the congregation came decked out in some of camo paraphernalia, and the men especially seemed to embrace the call to gear up, some donning face paint and all (my husband included BUT OF COURSE.)

Only in Molalla.

Dave did a great job preaching, and definitely kept everyone's attention!

And I only slightly hoped we wouldn't have too many new visitors that day ;)

Friday photo dump


Also known as InstaFriday... cell phone shots of life lately. 

You know I love me a good photobooth! Jill, Amy and I at Amy's 30th bday bash two weekends ago.

Joni, Kelly and I with Dad, who I'm not sure knew what he was getting himself into when we suggested he join us for a "group picture" :)

Heaven on earth: alone in an empty Target with my first pumpkin spice white mocha of the season. 
I stayed for two hours, thank you very much. 

Cutest little book found in Costco last week... it's hilarious too!

With my parents at Lil' Cooperstown celebrating Mum's birthday with all the fam.

She is: caring, giving, fun, adventurous, amazing, loving, the best friend, AWESOME.

Getting my fancy on in the kitchen. Yuuuum.

Cooper, cousin Drew, and their fake guns left last night for a week away at deer camp with Grandma and Grandpa Halverson. Cooper was so amped up and ready to go that he was climbing the walls waiting for Grandma to arrive to pick him up. No, literally. I was trying to give him some last minute instructions in the kitchen and I looked up to see he was actually up IN my kitchen windowsill, SIDEWAYS, hands, feet and all. 

So no, it wasn't that sad waving goodbye... it was more of a "God bless you my sweet in-laws, I'll be praying for you as you drive 6 hours confined in a small space with all that energy! Have fuuuuun!" ;)

Now, hip hooray for the weekend!

Awkward and awesome


- finally watching Duck Dynasty with your husband and realizing "oh my gosh, my husband could be ON this show."
- enthusiastically waving at a stranger in a car because your husband just waved at them so you thought it might be someone you know, when it turns out it was just a guy who yielded his turn to you at the 4-way stop so your husband was politely thanking him.
- using your husband's stick shift car for the week and stalling out almost every time you pull out of your long driveway because you forgot you were in 2nd gear already.
- leaving the headlights on overnight (again in your husband's car - a DIESEL) so asking a friend to come give you a jump only to find out that oh no, it's not that simple with a diesel. You need a BIG vehicle, and BIG jump cables, and THIRTY MINUTES of charging... and half your day wasted.
- bringing your so-so attempt at high heel cupcakes (found on pinterest) to a womens church event...
Only to see that you're going to have to put them next to these knockouts...
I have other skills, ok?!

- husbands who call you on the 7th day of their 9 day hunting trip to chat for a little while and then tell you, "oh by the way, I'm 10 minutes away." Hurrah!
- when your husband comes out dressed like this for church and makes you forget that you are mad at him for shaving off his hair.
Well hey, sexy. 

- hanging out with girlfriends at summer parties. I'll miss you, summer parties!

- bucks out your bedroom window...
- and pears ripe for the picking! (minus that rotten one hanging in front of the buck's ear. Pretend you don't see it.)

Happy Thursday!

What I Wore Wednesday


In an unshocking turn of events, with the start of fall Oregon has opened up it's skies and it hasn't stopped raining since.
To this I have to say, boo.
On the upside, I picked myself up a pair of leopard print flats at Target last week and they are exceptionally cute. 
(Okay these two things don't exactly tie together, but... cute flats for the win.)

No. 1
Old Navy top, Maurice's jeans, Target wedge boots, handmade hat from a friend

No. 2
gifted scarf, Maurice's shirt, Target jeans & flats

No. 3 
Kohl's sweater, Shade Clothing top, Maurice's jeans, Target booties

No. 4 
Dress Barn top, Walmart jeans, DSW Shoes boots, Fred Meyers necklace

No. 5 
Costco shirt, Target tee, Banana Republic jeans, DSW Shoes boots, handmade scarf from a friend

No. 6 
Costco sweater, Old Navy blouse, Calvin Klein jeans, Target flats

pleated poppy

The craziest day of my life


If you asked me before last Thursday what the craziest day of my life was, I would tell you it was when I was about 10 years old and my family woke up to policemen laying in our driveway with sniper rifles because there had been a robbery-turned-hostage-situation two houses down from us and the suspects were now on the loose.

Yeah, pretty crazy.

That was before last Thursday though, when my dad was hit with sudden temporary amnesia.

It went down like this...

3:15 pm: I'm at my folks house to help Mum with a computer project. My dad comes home from work and jumps into the shower to clean up for a volleyball match that he is going to referee down in Salem.

3:30 pm: Dad enters the dining room where Mum and I are sitting, all clean and dressed for his match, and asks Mum if she will come talk to him in the bedroom. She follows him and he tells her he is having some confusion, he doesn't know where he is supposed to be going, and wants her to pray for him. Mum does so, and then suggests they find his ipad to look up his game schedule. I join in the search and a minute later Mum and I both walk back into the bedroom where Dad is sitting staring at his calendar on his phone. He looks up at us, says he is having some confusion and doesn't know where he is supposed to be, and asks us to pray for him. With great concern Mum and I now both pray over him, after which he looks up at me, says he is having some confusion and doesn't know where he is supposed to be, and asks us to pray for him.

3:35 pm: Jodi and Mum FREAK OUT.

Not loudly mind you, but in a "let's get this man to the hospital POST HASTE" sort of way. We ask dad all sorts of questions about how he's feeling and determine he has no pain, numbness, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, or anything else out of the ordinary. So we then try to get information out of him as to how we can call his refereeing commissioner to get his game covered so we can drive him to the ER. Dad is quite unhelpful in this area as he can't remember the commissioners name, and won't let us look in his phone contacts because he "just needs to sit down and look at his schedule because he's having some confusion and doesn't know where he's supposed to be". Times FIFTY THOUSAND.

Dad couldn't remember anything that happened for longer than 30 seconds. And thus began the most bizarre, scary, and at the same time, insanely hilarious next few hours of our lives. It took us half an hour to get Dad out of the house and into the car because all he wanted to do was "sit down and figure this out" on his phone calendar, even though he couldn't tell us what day it was. We managed to get his game covered thanks to a call to our school athletic director (during which time I may or may not have burst into tears over the phone and become utterly incoherent) but for the life of us we couldn't get Dad out the door.

Later, Mum commented that Dad, ever the leader and boss, was going to be in charge of his amnesia, gosh darn it!

And it was true!

All the way into town he drilled us:
Where was he supposed to be? In Salem
"Wow!" he'd respond.
Did we get his game covered? Yes, we took care of it
Were we sure? Yes, Janin took care of everything. We're going to the hospital now.
Where was he supposed to be? In Salem, Dad.
Did we get his game covered? Yes, it's all taken care of.
Were we sure? Yes dad, don't worry.
So where were we going now? To the hospital, because you're confused.
And where was he supposed to be? In Salem.

My sister Kelly arrived at the hospital right before us and got dad all checked in so that when we walked him through the ER doors they were ready with a wristband and took him straight back to a room. He responded excellently to all their tests, being able to do everything they asked, and they pretty much ruled out a stroke right away but scheduled a MRI to be sure.

What they told us was that it was TGA, Transient (temporary) Global (all) Amnesia. TGA is a medical mystery. It is unknown what causes it and there is no medication for it. It doesn't last longer than 24 hours, is harmless, and after it is over your memory is fine and you are not likely to ever get it again. During the time someone has it they can remember who they and those close to them are, but lose all short term memory and will often repeat the same questions over and over again.

Thus assured that Dad was fine and would shortly return to normal, we settled in to answer his repeated questions and enjoy the weirdest thing we'd ever witnessed in our lives.

And oh yes, video it too. 

It was just that Dad was so incredibly endearing and CUTE! He would react the exact same way to our answers, word for word.

"So I took a shower?" 
Yes you did.
"Then I'm in clean underwear, phew!"

"Did I already ask that question?" 
Yes, many times.
"Oh rats!"

"Did that really happen?!" (after we'd tell him something that had JUST happened)
Yes, it did.
"See, I don't remember any of that!"
We know, Dad :)

(After explaining how good it was that he came home to take a shower instead of driving straight to Salem for his games like he normally would, and that we thought that was totally the Lord's protection over him): "Well praise the Lord and pass the mashed potatoes"

By 8 pm in the evening Dad was finally starting to make new memories, the sign the doctors were looking for to be able to release him. He'd had his MRI at 7:15 pm and he remembered being in the machine and repeating scriptures to himself to keep calm. We were able to leave at 9 pm and by the time Dad woke up the next morning he was 100% back to normal.

He sent me a text message that day: the nice thing about amnesia, it's like nothing really happened!

Except MWAAHAHA, we have proof :)

What Blake has learned in school so far


Recent quotes from our brand new kindergartner:

"today I learned that D + D = 13"

"The letter I says ih, ih, ih... umbrella!"

"There are 13 kids in kindergarten and 8 kids in 1st grade, so 10 altogether."

"You know my teacher, Mrs. Neaf... Mrs. Nif... Mrs... you know my teacher, Mom?" (It's Mrs. Reafsnyder - pretty tricky!)

Yep, Blake is eating all that learning right up! ;)

What I Wore Wednesday (and what I watch)


Changing up the picture format a bit this week, does anybody care mind? 
And look - a picture that's actually not taken by myself in the bathroom mirror! 
(That's right, only one. It was a lot of work ;) 

left: Maurice's shirt, clothes swap H&M jeans, Matisse boots from DSW shoes, clothes swap scarf
center: Old Navy tee & sandals, Dress Barn skirt, thrifted bracelet, Wet Seal necklace
right: Shade Clothing tee, Old Navy tunic, Walmart jeans, Target sandals

*look #1 is featured HERE today! Fun, fun. 

left: Old Navy cardigan, thrifted blouse, clothes swap Old Navy skirt, Ross sandals, Premier Designs bracelet
center: thrifted Target dress, Target cardigan, famous Footwear wedges
right: Maurice's tee & (thrifted) jeans, old belt, Famous Footwear wedges

pleated poppy
(linking up with Lindsey as always!)

And now that the outfits are out of the way, let's talk about something really important: Fall TV! I'm just a little excited about the return of all my favorite shows, especially tonight's Survivor premiere!

Yesterday my friend Jana and I had our annual coffee date to discuss the Fall preview guide and watch all the new show trailers so we could decide what we wanted to check out (just kidding on the planned part, we did it spontaneously, but decided it should be a planned event :) Of the new shows coming, the Michael J. Fox show is the one we are most set on watching, if nothing else out of a sense of loyalty. Who didn't absolutely love Family Ties and Back To the Future as a child?! We support you Michael!

My other favorite returning shows are Parks and Recreation, The Amazing Race, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Modern Family, Hart of Dixie, and Elementary. And if that doesn't showcase my intellectuality and refinement, I don't know what does. 

Oh wait, I do love Downton Abbey! (season 4 Coming January) At least I have that ;)

Happy Wednesday!

10 on Tuesday


(10 instagram pictures, that is. It's been a while.)

The start of school two weeks ago meant the start of fresh chores. Yeah! Woohoo! Hurrah! I love me an organized chores list.   

Kicking off a new month of walking/running/reallyjustwalking. I didn't complete August but am not letting myself give it up. 

Favorite fall colors. 

Oh you know, just playing mommy/baby. Ages 12 & 5 1/2. 

Kids back in school means free mornings to hang out with one of my favorites! Nanna likes to invite me over to help her with camera/computer things and to feed me delicious food. I am up for this 100% of the time. 

My workout buddy is back! Our good friends moved back to town after a year away  and Kristie and I are up and running with a new twice-a-week workout schedule (to make up for the ZERO times I worked out to a fitness video without her.) 

Two months ago I accidentally left my beloved heavy duty baking sheets and spendy silicone liners in Sunriver while on vacation (yes I took them with me, that's how beloved they are.) This week I finally got them back, after driving to Emanuel Hospital in Portland at 9 pm at night to meet the wonderful night shift nurse who brought them back for me after her stay in the same rental house. (Isn't that the kindest?!)

In case you are as concerned at the idea of me driving into Portland alone at night to meet a stranger as Jana was, after I texted her to announce that THE EAGLE HAD LANDED, I'll reassure you the same way I did her: calm down, Mum came with me!

Blake's life dream has become a reality... he is finally on a sports team. If you run into him he will be quick to inform you, "I play soccer ball now".

Volleyball has started too (Go, Kendall!), which may require a little juggling this year. I am learning how important it is to really keep a calendar and use it at ALL times!

Remember that freshly painted new house I showed you last week? Guess who accidentally got left outside at night and tried to claw her way back in through the front door? Miley the dead-to-me dog, is who. Arrghhh.
Thank goodness for leftover paint. 

Monday confessional: The peace-offering date


That man of mine, I love him so.

(Just thought I'd start out by stating my true feelings for my husband since I'm about to tell a story on the both of us! Good thing we can laugh at ourselves as much as we enjoy laughing at each other ;)

Last Friday Russ had the day off work and spent it packing for another hunting trip. His second trip in two weeks and this time a much longer one. While these trips are planned well in advance and give me plenty of time to gear myself up for winging it alone, I still can get "miffy" when it's time for Russ to leave. As in... "I said it was fine before but now that it's here and it feels like you just came back from the last one, it's NOT fine, doggone-it!"

Those words don't actually come out of my mouth of course, I don't think I even realize I'm feeling that way until I start to get crosser and crosser and suddenly I'm picking fights and being extremely unreasonable. I'm pretty sure Russ can see this coming a mile away because he makes an effort to ward off the storm in the way of some sort of peace-offering.

First off it was a mini-coffee date Friday morning at the school office I was volunteering at. He brought in a delicious coffee for me.
And the dog. Unleashed.
Instant irritation.
Next, he offered to finish packing by dinner time so he could take me out to eat. But he wanted me to arrange the sitter because he was "so busy packing".
I refused in a huff. 

(Am I the hugest brat?)

He chivalrously made the arrangements and offered up a movie out afterwards as well.
I picked a chick flick.

After that I actually felt pretty pleased and looked forward to the evening with great excitement. Until I came home from Kendall's volleyball practice that afternoon and found out Russ had SHAVED OFF ALL HIS HAIR.

Now. In case you forgot about the last time this happened, let me just remind you exactly how I feel about it.

I told him I hated it. He claimed that it was to help his head stay cool while hunting and to this I said, "BUT I HATE IT!"

He just laughed and gave me a hug and a kiss, and said how much he was looking forward to spending time with me on our date and watching the chick flick, and then I sighed and went off to load up the kids in the car to take to their grandparents for the evening while he quickly changed.

So there I am, sitting in the running car with the kids, all ready to go and refusing to let the shaved head ruin my night when out he comes to the car looking casually cute with the one exception of ANKLE SOCKS AND SHEEPSKIN SLIPPERS below his khaki shorts.

"Ummm, NO." I stated bluntly.
"But I can't find my sandals anywhere!" he replied.
"Wear tennis shoes then!" I yelled sweetly replied back.
"I think I packed them" he admitted sheepishly. (As in, at the bottom of a 40-pound hiking backpack that took an hour to get exactly right and can not quickly be taken apart.)

Excitement levels PLUMMETED.
I looked at his feet, looked at the clock, and with a shaking head told him to get in the car.
Oh, Russell.

What's a girl to do? I told him he was simply going to have to lose the socks and wear the suede slippers as loafers, sweaty feet be darned, if he wanted me to even pretend that I knew him. To which he graciously acquiesced, thank goodness, because I'm afraid to say I wasn't even joking a little bit.

At this point it would seem that nothing else could set our date night off worse.


Imagine my pleasure and joy to get out of the car at the restaurant and step behind my husband to see this for the first time:
It appears he missed a spot.
A spot that was much, MUCH more noticeable in person.

Believe me when I say I died, right then and there. DIIIEED.

But you know what's the only thing left to do after dying of mortification? Laugh about it.

So we did. And we had ourselves a dandy date night after all.