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Thursday thanks


It's Thursday and hardly any awkward things have happened to me so far this week! Well done, self.

(Although today I'm off to Oaks Park amusement park with Kendall's 6th grade class and who knows what might happen...)

So instead of an awkward and awesome post, I'm just going to list a few things I'm thankful for right now.

- Only 5 more school days until summer break. Hallelujah.
- our new back door and vinyl windows in the kitchen. I think our house is 10 degrees warmer already! (Which is a good thing, we're in a cold spell.)
- Only 2 more days of the 52 miles in May challenge (counting today). 52 miles in a month is hard! I'm currently at 38 miles so it's pretty safe to say I'm going to come up short, but like I posted on instagram, 38 is still a lot of miles and I feel good about it!
- Call the Midwife on Netflix. It's no Downton Abbey but I'm enjoying it all the same!
- My kindle. I've been a binge and purge reader for the last couple of years and I'm glad to say after an especially long stint without picking it up I'm in a total book binge right now! Yeah, reading!
- 6th graders who can do their own school projects without assistance.

Kendall had to make a diorama of a scene from a book she read and created this orthodontist office all on her own. (With a tray of tools next to the chair and a sink in the corner. Cute.)
- Aaaaannnddd, last but not least, I would be remiss to not mention something white chocolate related. My newest favorite? White chocolate kit kat bars. HEAVEN.

a scant what I wore wednesday


There would be more outfits this week but it's been very rainy lately.

Rain makes me want to stay home and put on yoga pants while I tell myself I'm going to get on the treadmill.  And then rain makes me curl up and watch a movie or read a book instead, and next thing I know 8 pm has rolled around and I'm STILL in my workout clothes, yet to step on the treadmill.

And thus another day goes by without actually getting "dressed". (Although I do usually get on the treadmill. Eventually.)

No. 1
Walmart jacket & boots, thrifted Lush top, thrifted Banana Republic jeans ($3.99!), DIY scarf

I was pleased enough with this outfit that after wearing it to the dentist last Wednesday and then not going anywhere else that day I decided to wear it again the next night for a girl's dinner night out. A good outfit needs to be witnessed by more than just your dentist, right?

I even thrifted the t-shirt to make this scarf! (which is how the top and Banana Republic jeans made their way home with me ;)

No. 2
Thrifted Kirra tee & leather belt, clothes swap skirt, Target sandals, Maurice's bracelet

No. 3
Aeropostale sweater, Ross shirt, Miley Cyrus & Max Azria jeans, Walmart boots

You'd think it being the end of May and all this outfit would be completely out of place. Sadly no, I even wore a jacket over it yesterday! C'mon sunshine!

pleated poppy

A rainy Memorial Day


We had to cancel our Memorial day plans due to lots and LOTS of rain. 

So... hello, dog piling on the couch with lots of blankets to watch season two of Gold Rush on Netflix. 

 Hello, flips and cannonballs into said pile of blankets now moved to the living room floor.

 And hello, game day! Yeah baby!

Happy Memorial Day :)

Awkward and Awesome


It's time for a little more awkward and lot a more awesome!

- the makeover Kendall gave me last night. And my attempts at keeping a straight face when I saw it in the mirror. Obviously I have taught her NOTHING in the art of makeup application and have my work cut out for me.
-  the number of times the siding guys have shown up bright and early this past week and knocked on the front door to ask/tell me something when I have yet to put on my bra. Ridiculous.
- Oregon's recent return to winter-like weather (no kidding, 42 degrees yesterday afternoon) after a lovely dry spring that turned out to be nothing but a nasty ruse to woo us into bringing out our summer wardrobes way too early. RUDE.
- the record breaking amount of Hi-chews I've eaten in the past few days. Ever heard of them? Costco sample tables (my biggest weakness) made me buy them and the apple and mango flavors are the best in case you were wondering.
Almost empty bag courtesy of my kids (50%) and me (the other 50%)

- learning how to make scones and discovering how quick and easy and AMAZING they are! A friend shared this recipe with me, with the tip of using only 1/2 cup of butter instead of 3/4 cup, and freezing it first and then just grating it into the dry ingredients. I added pecans and white chocolate and can't wait to try other combos next, because oh I WILL be making more!

- rainy day fort building.

- the two new dresses I have in my closet just waiting to wear this summer (when and if it ever arrives).
One I bought at the beach two weekends ago (turquoise - from Maurice's), and the other my friend Beth bought and then decided it didn't work for her so she GAVE it to me, still brand new! (from Ross). And that's why having girlfriends is awesome. (Okay there are other reasons too, but clothes sharing is waaay up there.)
- my new blog design! It was about time I spruced things up around here. I found Laura's etsy shop off another blog and made the inexpensive plunge (really inexpensive!) to have a custom design done for me. God bless Laura's heart for interpreting my thoughts and desires, and changed desires, and second thoughts, and wait... I have a different thought..., because guess what? Turns out I am PICK-EEEEE. She was totally awesome though, check her out HERE.

And have an awesome Thursday!

What I Wore Wednesday


Five outfits and five random Jodi facts for your day... just because.

1. I love board games with a passion.
2. I love shopping with a passion.
3. I love white mochas with a passion.
4. I detest mopping with a passion.
5. I love/detest working out with a passion. But mostly detest.

No. 1
Ross top, thrifted Maurice's jeans, Target wedges, birthday gift bracelet

No. 2 
Maurice's shirt & belt, Ross dress, Walmart boots

No. 3
thrifted blouse, Old Navy cardigan, thrifted Hot Kiss jeans, Target wedges

No. 4
Maurice's sweater, Old Navy shirt, oooold Express skirt, Walmart wedges

(Could those legs be any whiter? Yikes.)

No. 5
Target cardigan, thrifted tunic dress, Fylo leggings, Walmart boots

Thanks for stopping by!
pleated poppy

a t-shirt fringe scarf paaartaaay


Last night was "pinterest night", ie: girl's craft night, and we took on the t-shirt fringe scarf tutorial found all over pinterest. The perfect project for me since all it required was a t-shirt and scissors and a few snip snips! (And an excuse to go to the Goodwill for cheap tees!)

Seriously, all you do is cut the t-shirt straight across under the armpits and then cut a fringe across the bottom, pulling the individual strands when you're done to stretch them out and make them curl in on the edges. Throw it around your neck and you're done!

The girls: Hillary, Heidi, Holli, Jennifer, Kelly, Nicole, Diana, Ellie, and me. (And Shay who hosted and took this pic)

Look at all them cute scarves! Thanks to our new friend Heidi some of us (read: not me) got REAL Crafty and cut out extra holes and hung beads, etc. There are seriously endless options of things you can do with a simple t-shirt and some scissors. 

I love a fun girl's night!

A weekend full of sawdust


Another weekend has come and gone and all that's left are the fun memories we made and the trail of mud and dust leading through my laundry room and kitchen that are causing me to wail and gnash my teeth in despair. (Read: complain really loudly.)

The highlights:
- Cooper had a friend over Friday afternoon and this happened:
Now to clarify: I'm going to call this a highlight for THEM. After I congratulated the boys and took their picture, I then demanded they get rid of that thing far, FAR from the house and go scrub their hands with soap before touching a single thing in my house.

- Friday night Kendall was at a sleepover so it was just me and the boys. And what did we do? We played Qwirkle (Russ is on a winning streak lately and it's driving me bananas) and watched Mirror, Mirror. I secretly found this hilarious.

- Saturday night we had an impromptu date night to see the new Star Trek movie with my sister and brother-in-law and father, and it was just as awesome as I expected.

- Sunday afternoon Kendall performed at her annual piano recital and not only did she play her two songs she's been working on for months excellently, but she also played and sang a new song she wrote herself. With not an ounce of fear. (Or an ounce of photos taken of her.)

(Never fear though, Grandma... I videoed!)

- Our new siding project is well underway and this includes getting a new back door and kitchen windows, which Russell worked on prepping for and putting in yesterday, besides working for hours repairing a few rotted spots of wall found under our old siding. He's so handy!
He's not half bad to watch either ;)

The lowlights:
- My entire kitchen is covered with a very fine layer of sawdust thanks to that empty window opening.

- My laundry room is also filled with muddy clothes and boots and power cords going out the back door and random tools deposited in the middle of the floor for unknown reasons, and it's all very depressing to look at.

- Oh look, they're in the garden again! Enough said.

- I almost lost poor Leroy (the betta fish) down the drain while transferring him to a clean canning jar in my kitchen sink. He went straight into the drain cover and darned if he wasn't a slippery dude to get back out - I thought for sure I'd killed him by the time I finally got a hold of him and put him back in his water. Thankfully I didn't end up having to make that announcement to Cooper and Leroy lives to see another day. It was a very stressful few moments there though!

- I had a massive bout of menstrual-induced grumpiness late Saturday afternoon that could only be termed  "aggressive" and possibly even "volatile". By golly, you didn't want to be in my war path... especially if you just jumped in the swimming pool fully clothed while it was raining outside (boots included) and then were overheard saying "you don't need to tell Mom, it's okay with her." (Ahem, COOPER).

Let's just say I owed everybody an apology the next morning.

But hey, nobody's perfect, right? It was still a good weekend :)



Bit of a slow week since returning from the coast last weekend... it's been nice! But it makes for a rather boring week of instagramming I'm sorry to say...

On Mother's day Kendall played with my hair for two hours while I watched the Survivor finale. I could not think of a more perfect gift... I was purring

My quest to conquer Couch to 5K continues... with a little help from Call the Midwife (set up in front of my treadmill) and some delicious raspberry & rhubarb pie that needed working off!

Blake takes creeping to new levels. 

Nursery duty Wednesday night. Made easy by Kendall and her friends coming in to play with the littles and put on a puppet show. 

Cooper pitched for the first time at last night's baseball game and it was ridiculous how nervous I was for him! Being the center of attention is his least favorite thing in the world so we were so proud of him for holding it together (for the most part) when he walked a couple of players and we could tell he wanted to burst into tears. He went out on a high note though... he caught a line drive hit that went right to him for the last out of the game!

We found this vintage 7-up gallon jug under our front porch this week when we started tearing it up to be replaced. Cool, no? I love old things!

We have some dismal weather in the forecast for this weekend (and the foreseeable future actually) but I still plan on enjoying it to it's fullest! Happy weekend to you all :)

The sheep are still here


I've had a couple of questions about our sheep and how they are doing so I'm here with your update.

They are alive and well.

They have eaten every last flower in every single one of my flower gardens.

Including my lilies, peonies, iris bulbs, old garden roses, lambs ear, rose campion, and anything else that manages to bloom for half a second. Except the bleeding hearts, they don't seem to care for those.


Yes, I'm incredibly bitter.

They have also developed a strong hatred towards our dog Miley and enjoy nothing more than chasing her around and around the house until she crawls under our front porch and hides.

Last week when this was happening Miley made the mistake of jumping up on the front porch and whining outside the front door to be let in. Before we could do that though Rusty jumped up on the porch right behind her and gave her a mighty ramming into the door.

Miley is now afraid to go outside.

So you see, we've raised a herd of flower-eating dog bullies that literally run the yard.

And we love them. Well, 4/5 of our family loves them. I have more of a love/hate relationship thing going on.

It's just that they're so darned cute to watch! The babies especially, are hilarious. And they all come running each time Russ calls them like he's the pied piper or something and then he sits with them and I have to yell out the kitchen window and remind him that he has a real family inside too. ;)

Raising sheep is addicting.

What I Wore Wednesday


It's Wednesday and I have no Survivor to look forward to tonight. Now what am I supposed to do???

Oh that's right... American Idol! Aaaaand So You Think You Can Dance! Phew. 

(Reality TV. It's how I roll.)

No. 1
Old Navy tank top, Target cardigan, thrifted Maurice's jeans, Famous Footwear wedges

No. 2
Old Navy blouse, Miley Cyrus & Max Azria jeans, Payless sandals

No. 3
at a church women's retreat on the coast
Maurice's shirt, Target jeans, Madden Girl sandals, Christmas gift scarf

No 4.
beautiful Cannon Beach
new Maurice's top, new Calvin Klein jeans, new Ross sandals, birthday gift bracelet

Had myself a little shopping spree while at the retreat!

No. 5
new Maurice's top, Shade tank, Calvin Klein jeans, Target sandals, gifted Hawaiian necklace

And now that that's done, back to American Idol. Who are you rooting for? I'm a Kree fan! (Although Angie was my fave!)
Happy Wednesday, whatever show you watch :)

pleated poppy