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What I Wore Wednesday No. 130


It looks like I started and ended my week out with pink. Either a sign that I'm ready for Valentine's Day, or (and this is much more likely), I really like how warm and cozy my pink cardigan is. 

Last Wednesday
 Ross plaid shirt, Target cardy & jeans, Walmart boots, gifted scarf & boot cuffs

 Old Navy tunic, Loft sweater, Modbod tee, thrifted Target jeans, Ugg boots

 Mervyn's sweater, Maurice's skirt & bracelet, Walmart leggings & boots, Sariejune scarf

Walmart jacket, Ross top, thrifted Target jeans, Target wedges

Target cardy, jeans & wedges, thrifted tunic, gifted necklace

Dear boyfriend cardigan, 
please don't go out of style.
I love you so. 

Have a great rest of the week!
pleated poppy

Late night Monday confessional


After a meeting and some errand running this morning I had to drive up into Portland for an appointment and didn't have time to swing back home for lunch. Instead I took my sidekick Blake through a drive-thru and then drove to our destination and parked in the parking garage to quickly eat.

Of course, Blake doesn't know the meaning of "quickly eat", so while waiting for him to finish I decided to check instagram on my phone (since I hadn't looked at it in a whole hour).

Next thing I knew, the parking garage was slowly moving forward (which was weird - it being concrete and all), so I glanced up and saw with shock that we were rolling backwards and halfway to hitting the row of cars parked opposite us.

Turns out parking requires you to actually put your vehicle in PARK. Huh.

Thankful no one was walking behind us,
Jodi (the unsafe cell user)



Because sometimes the simple act of uploading your instagram pics and captioning them is too much work for a Friday (or even a Saturday).

Last weekend was date night. Or as we called it, "cheap date night". Free movie tickets from Christmas and a stop at the Yogurt Shack for some froyo on the way, plus free babysitting from Grandma = $4.83 well spent! We saw Jack Reacher and I can tell you that I am not above being entertained by a good action/suspense guy movie involving Tom Cruise.

 Cows in the midst. Not as exciting as gorillas, but not as dangerous either.

 Blake looking tiny in our master bath pool tub. I couldn't fill it or it would go over his head!

After several days of freezing mist that never lifted, our place looked like a winter wonderland minus any actual snow. Just layers and layers of frost.

 My kids meeting their new cousin (technically 2nd cousin) for the first time.

 And me getting my snuggles in.

 Indulging in a little sweet treat after a long grocery shopping trip.

Blake was pretty pleased to be along for the trip!

And then Friday we had to go visit Tristan again because I was Blake was having withdrawals. Yeah, that's it! ;)

And now is when I would usually wish you all a great weekend, but since it's pretty much over, I'll just say, have a great week!

Awkward and Awesome - the short list


- while visiting my cousin and her new baby in the hospital yesterday, I noticed my cousin's hubby leaning over to discreetly let her know she had a gap in her gown. I slightly averted my eyes to give her privacy but couldn't help but notice that she didn't seem to make any adjustments, nor could I see where she needed to. Fast forward 2 minutes and I stand up from my seat only to have my cousin discreetly lean over to me to let me know my shirt had come unbuttoned. In THREE spots. Instantly I could see what had really gone down and OH THE SHAME.

- attempting to help my 6th grader with her math homework and having to resort to a google search and a youtube video. The good news is that I am now proficient in regrouping to subtract mixed numbers.

- watching Blake fall in love with a little baby. He was transfixed by little Tristan and held him forever, not wanting to give him up. He kept snuggling his head close to Tristan's and gently touching his nose or forehead. Cutest thing. 

(Unfortunately I made the mistake of telling Blake we'd visit him again when they came home and in the last 24 hours Blake has asked when that will be approximately 462 MILLION times, cried when he found out we probably wouldn't see them today, and concocted a plan for Mike and Linley to move in with us, which includes Mike sleeping on the couch, Linley on the floor (poor Linley!), and baby Tristan in Blake's room, of course.)

- forgetting my grocery shopping list at home but still managing to remember every single thing I had written on it. Booyah! Memory for the win!

- a mommy/daughter date night with Kendall - watching American Idol on the couch while Kendall practices her french braiding on my hair (and I purr).

What I Wore Wednesday


Happy Wednesday, my friends. 

Because it's kept me motivated to get dressed, try new things, shop differently, be a little adventurous in my choices, and not look like a regular ol' frump, I'm on my third year of taking outfit pictures for The Pleated Poppy's WIWW. 

I'm no fashion model (hello, still taking mirror self-portraits), nor the trendiest (or skinniest!), but I've got hundreds of outfit shots proving that I've put some effort into what I wear, and gosh darn it I like that!

One day I'll make a photo book of all the pictures laid out like a yearbook and my grown daughter and future granddaughters can laugh over the fashion trends of my day till they're in stitches. It will be priceless :)

Sporty Jod: Nike jacket & tee (yard sale), Target jeans (thrifted), oooold Nike slip-ons

 Trendy Jod: Walmart jacket, Shade Clothing top, Target jeans & wedges, clothing swap scarf

 Cold Jod: Aeropostale sweater, Target jeans (thrifted), Ugg cardy boots, craft bazaar knitted infinity scarf
 Conflicted about what season she's wearing Jod: Old Navy dress & cardy, Ross belt, Fylo leggings, Ugg cardy boots

Pretending it's Spring Jod: Target everything!

What you don't see is the down coat I'm wearing over my outfits because it's freaking 28 degrees outside. I just don't have the wardrobe for that kind of weather! 

Linking up!
pleated poppy

Welcome, baby Tristan!


One tired and content mama

 One proud papa

One cute lil' guy!

and one giddy "auntie" 
(because first-cousin-once-removed sounds really lame)

The weekend


It's a sure sign that you've had a long day when, on a Monday night, you start to blog about your 3-day weekend but can't remember what happened on Friday OR Saturday.

I know it will come to me... but let's start with Sunday, shall we?
After church we headed up to Russ's parents for our 13th annual family prayer day. I've blogged about it before, but in a nutshell: we gather to share our praise reports from the year before and lift up our requests for the coming year. The kids all join in too and it's a really special time.

We also celebrated my beautiful niece's sweet 16th. Happy birthday, Miranda!

Today we worked on our rental property in town, getting it ready for a new family because our previous renters recently moved out. I spent the better part of four hours cleaning ONE disgustingly mistreated side-by-side fridge, and did I mention that we had no heat on in the house and it didn't reach above freezing today? I'm sure you can understand why I picked up Chinese take-out for dinner and was in my flannel pj's and under my heated blanket by 7 pm.

The fridge looks very pretty though. Yeah, accomplishment!

And now I'm experiencing some serious eyelid droopage so let's just cut things short. I'm sure Friday and Saturday were fun but who cares about the details, right?

Right!! Shhhnnnnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...



First of all, thank you for your hairline/eyebrow/no coffee/no chocolate support yesterday!
LOVED the comments :)

And now for the pics from the cell phone this past week!
 Cooper's basketball season has officially begun so we're now in the gym every Saturday for TWO Games in a row. Luckily, I'm a well practiced b-ball watcher! 

 My sister threw my nephew, Hayden, the most awesome 5th birthday party last weekend. She is a genius.

 And are these not the cutest cupcakes you've ever beheld??

My kids got to bring their box cars home and suddenly no one wanted to sit on the furniture anymore.

 And the next day.

And the three days after that. Until they mysteriously disappeared because a mom can only handle 3 large boxes in her living room for so long.

 My cousin Linley at 39 weeks. NOT me ;)

 Cooper has had this Tony Hawk skateboard game for the Wii for almost a year now but Blake has just recently become obsessed with it. Pretty cute to watch because for a four-year-old he's actually not to shabby at it!

Well THIS happened last night while I was trying to adjust our antenna. 
Pretty sure those things aren't supposed to snap off. 
And just like that my American Idol watching dreams went down the drain...

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
life rearranged

Some things I want to say


1. We were a little excited for the new season of American Idol to air last night. We don't necessarily make it all the way to the end of every season, but we always start out strong... especially through the highly entertaining auditions.

2. It took me all of 10 minutes watching to confirm my suspicions that I would not care for that Nicki Minaj. No sir.

3. In more important news, can we talk about my all-of-a-sudden barely there eyebrows, as witnessed in the above picture? (while not talking about my weird ONE droopy eye, not sure what was going on there.)

Once upon a time, my eyebrows used to look like this:


I don't pluck or wax them at all these days, just fill them in, thanks to this little guy:
Maybelline's Define-A-Brow
I don't really know what I'm doing though. Or why my eyebrows decided to start disappearing at such an alarming rate.

4. And in other face-related news, I have just recently discovered that I have quite the asymmetrical hair line.
Was my hairline always like this and I didn't notice? Or is hair abandoning ship all over my head?!! I'm a little concerned.

5. Yesterday I went to my cousin Linley's final prenatal appointment with her and posted a picture of her 39-week belly on Facebook, tagging her in the pic. A sweet acquaintance thought it was me though and I imagine about fell over thinking she was just now finding out I was about to pop one out of the oven. I found this quite hilarious for the sole reason that if I WERE pregnant there is no way anyone would NOT know, because I would be complaining every single darned day of the entire 9 month wait. Loudly.

Which pretty much explains why I'm not pregnant.

6. I did think I might be a couple of weeks ago though. After fighting nausea on and off for over two weeks and taking an at-home test that came out negative, I took myself off to the doctor's office to see what was going on. Turns out it was not a baby growing in my tummy, but acid reflux.

7. So yes, disappearing eyebrows, receding hairline, acid reflux... I think my body has decided to skip a couple of decades and head straight into its golden years.

8. Maybe this explains why twice yesterday I had to speed up my pace to keep up with Linley, the 9 MONTH PREGNANT LADY?

This just in: I am the slowest walker in the world. But I guess I always have been. What can I say, I like to enjoy the scenery. So picture ME 9 months pregnant walking with my speedy-McSpeedster of a sister, Kelly. I can't tell you how many times she would get 3 or 4 car-lengths ahead of me before turning around and noticing I was no longer beside her. It always made us laugh.

9. Now back to the acid reflux for a moment: there has been a plus side. As my triggers seem to be coffee, chocolate, and peppermint, things I majorly over-indulged in over the holidays (hello triple-threat of peppermint white mochas!), I've been avoiding them ever since (a Herculean effort, believe me), and in two weeks I've lost 9 pounds.

10. 9 pounds!! It's been a great kick-off to the new year. Oh the happy consequences of a much-restricted diet.

(This is me choosing to look at the bright side. Best not to discuss chocolate with me yet...)

What I Wore Wednesday


Low and behold, I done got myself properly dressed all week long!
It has been outrageously cold this January, hence all the hats, scarfs, and Ugg boots...

 Dress Barn shirt, Target jeans, Walmart boots, bazaar/Saturday market hat & scarf

 thrifted B.P. Nordstrom sweater, Maurice's skirt, Walmart leggings, Costco shearling boots, Forever 21 scarf, handmade hat (gifted)

 Union Bay shirt (Costco), thrifted Target jeans, Ugg boots, Fred Meyer's scarf

 Target sweater, thrifted Land's End turtleneck, thrifted Target jeans, Ugg boots

 thrifted Target jacket, Target dress, Fylo leggings (Costco), Walmart boots, Maurice's bracelet

 Mervyn's sweater (old!), Ross shirt, Target jeans & wedge booties, thrifted necklace

Old Navy shirt, Maurice's vest, thrifted Target jeans (again) and (accidentally chopped off in the pic) Ugg cardy boots - which didn't really go, but a 30 degree morning dictated I wear them!

Hope you are all staying warm this week, wherever you are :)

pleated poppy