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Super-sized Friday photo dump


Playing catch up on the past couple weeks of instagram shots! 

(I like to do these posts because they are a true snapshot of the every day life right now... the stuff I want to remember when I'm old and can't remember things like our old family dog's name ;)

(until Easter and then it's the Cadbury cream egg) 

(For the record, I have yet to purchase, let alone eat any so far this winter. No small feat.
I won't be able to hold out much longer though...)

Super cool old barn I drive past on a weekly basis.

Cousin Drew has now officially been dubbed the "coolest" cousin. 

Kendall OWNS her sense of fashion. Self-confidence has never been a problem for her!

No garage means letting the car warm up for 5 minutes when it's frosty and freezing out. 
Twiddling my thumbs is also usually involved. 

Thanksgiving class party with my littlest pilgrim.

Black Friday shopping! Mandy, Trica, myself, Mum, and Target. Great combination :)

2:30 am. Empty store. Full shelves. 50% off everything. Boom, baby!

In the center of this cute group of girls is Miss Annie, college sophomore and finger-knitter extraordinaire. 
I sat myself right down with these jr. high and high school girls and had a fun afternoon learning how to make me a cute neck cowl!


And now Kendall and I are addicted and have run out of all our yarn already. 

Date night at Gustav's. Cream brulee for him, bread pudding for her. 

I posted this pic of our front door on Tuesday with the caption "Merry Monday!"
Yes, I am confused most of the time. 

A scarf exchange Christmas party for the ladies in our church... we pretty much filled up Tricia's entire house!

And I scored this orange starred beauty. LOVE IT.
(update: to tie your scarf this way watch this youtube video...  it's called the magic trick and is at 2:36 minutes in!)

Not pictured:
- the fire alarm that went off randomly TWICE last night for no reason, causing heart palpitations and a ruined night of sleep, now sitting disconnected in the cone of shame on top of the piano.
- the cold medicine filling up our counter as Russ and I fight off cold #2 of the season.
- Cooper playing basketball. 
- Blake playing basketball. 
- Russell coaching basketball.
- me watching basketball. 
- a basketball.
- the twenty thermostat pictures I've taken lately because I just can't believe how cold it is (14 degrees yesterday morning!)
- all the presents hiding under my big fluffy bathrobe in the closet because I don't want to sit down and wrap them all.

And I think that about covers it! Happy weekend, everybody! 


  1. Awesome. 1) the wreath looks awesome again the black door....makes me want a black door!.. 2) I need a lesson or two in scarf tying. 3) loved the missing basketball captions. 4) saw a few micro snowflakes this morning...then boom - gone :(

  2. Yay for real winter temps! It is disgustingly hot here in the jungle that is Florida. It shouldn't be 85 degreess in December!

    1. Funny how odd that sounds now, when in actuality I grew up in New Zealand... where Christmas is in the middle of summer holidays! I bet it would all come back to me if I came down to the jungle ;) I hope you get some cooler temps for the holidays :)

  3. How did you tie your scarf in that last picture? Its super cute!

  4. How did you tie your scarf in that last picture? Its super cute!

    1. A friend taught me but it's in this youtube scarf tying video at 2 min & 36 seconds in!

    2. (looks like you're going to have to highlight and copy it... sorry