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Monday Confessional


Two days after Christmas my last gift for someone else arrived in the mail, a calendar my sister and I made online for our dear friend Tracy. That evening Coop and I hopped in the car and paid Grandma Tracy a little visit, staying to watch her open it and chat for awhile. When we were done we said our farewells and waved goodbye, Tracy went back inside, and I backed my car up... right up into her garden where I heard an ominous crunch.

I believe my next words were, DANG IT. Don't you hate it when you run over someone else's personal property and have to go immediately confess?

Oh? That's never happened to you?

We can no longer be friends.

So back I went to the front door. Knock, knock: "Sorry Tracy, I just ran over Santa and took out his buddy Frosty too!"

The scene of the crime: Santa's down but not out!

Unfortunately Frosty didn't fare so well.

The good news is that Tracy has a great sense of humor and we had ourselves a good laugh over this one. The bad news is that Tracy then took these pictures and ratted me out on Facebook!

Thrown under the bus, just like my victims! Guess I had it coming ;)

1 comment:

  1. Ouch!! At least no major damage was involved!! My husband one time backed into my grandpa's car parked in our driveway...that was not a fun confession to make!