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Lords of the ugly sweaters


I don't know, I think the ugly sweater Christmas party has just been taken to a whole new level...

It was one of those disaster scenarios where you just can't look away...


Dave workin' it.

Our lovely hosts, Confused-Tim and Jingle-Cara.

Russ and I never stood a chance. (In fact, about five different ladies told my they liked my sweater! Say what now?!)

The white elephant gift exchange was a riot. Russ won a big elk blanket, something he was so pleased with that he actually wrapped it around himself and wore it home. Unfortunately, I came away with a shake-a-weight that I couldn't pawn off to save my life. Ah well, you win some you lose some.

Fun times. 


  1. Wait a minute! You have a picture of 3 cross dressers up above and somehow I'm the one labeled confused? I KNOW WHO I AM..... I think... but I have no idea why I decided to wear camo, paint my face, and get deer tattoos for a Christmas party. Guess I am a bit confused?

  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention the armpit hair lady. All she got was an Oh my gosh.... and I'm confused?????

    1. Hahaha, I guess you have a point :) I was thinking more in the line of "confused about what type of party this is!"

  3. I think, judging by some of the outfits the last couple of years, this is an "anything goes" party? lol