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From Cookies and shopping to the end of my love affair with Target: a rundown


It has been a busy week. Reeaallly busy.

Monday night was Kelly's cookie exchange party... huge success.

Me, Shiree, Linley, Kel, Annie, & Joni
That Kelly, she knows how to throw a proper shindig. 14 ladies came and I went home with well over seven dozen cookies for the freezer (and now you know what I'll be bringing to holiday parties.)

Tuesday was Jodi & Jana's annual Christmas outfit shopping trip... another huge success and also a ton of fun.
One of my favorite holiday traditions :)

Wednesday was the last day of school before Christmas break and the school Christmas program... cute as always.
Blake & cousin Hayden
Emily, Blake, Jenica, & Laura
Cooper the shepherd - third hook in from the left
Wednesday night was also the night that Target practically broke my heart, causing much angst and gnashing of teeth.

I had been waiting and waiting for Cooper's main Christmas present to arrive, the present he wanted most of all and the one I was most excited about... the present I bought online at Target on Black Friday (aka: almost a month ago). I kept checking the order status online and could see that UPS processed it Dec 2nd but that was it. So you can imagine my dismay when Wednesday night I received an email from Target that my request for a refund had been approved and I would get my money back in 7-14 business days.


So I called Target and sure enough, they had cancelled my order. 7 days before Christmas. Why? Oh they didn't know why! But it was obvious that it had never actually shipped and now they no longer had the item. In fact, NO TARGET in Oregon except one had the item anymore, that store being an hour away and the item now $25 more than what I had paid back on Black Friday. Which is how I ended up at the Target in Fairview at 11 pm Wednesday night, after calling and having them hold the LAST ONE IN STOCK.

(Apparently Cooper's gift is now only available on ebay, for double the price of course. Cooper hasn't even got it yet and it's already a collectible!)

So. Target lost a little love from me that night. They gave me a $25 ecard to make up for the price difference but would not give me anything extra for the hassle and inconvenience of a two hour roundtrip drive, at the last minute, and for having to come up with the money because my refund still won't process for another week. RUDE.

All this to say, FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

I'm over it (mostly). The last couple of days have been filled with movies, baking with my Mum, finger-knitting, decorating our church for the Christmas service, and enjoying being home with my family.

This is my very favorite time of the year. Thank goodness it's not about the presents :)


  1. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllll.. the thing with Target is this... you can get mad all you want. but we all go back... its the big Target symbol... it brings us all back.....I tried to boycott Target... I went crawling right back....with a vengence...

    1. I know you are right! It's bound to happen. Especially with a Starbucks inside and all... I am defenseless against it's call... ;)