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Cooper the champion of the world


The autobiography of Cooper Halverson
Age 10
(printed with permission)

I was born March 23, 2003. My life is as simple as any other life, I eat and I sleep as any other person, I go to school. To everyone else I am normal. I have dirty blonde hair with very little freckles, brown eyes and brown eyebrows. I am about 4 ft 8 and have an itch for adventure. I have one brother and sister who are tattles to my wonderful discoveries and adventures. I have one dog who's completely black with white socks oh and by the way I am Cooper Jay Halverson. I like to be known as Cooper, but everyone calls me Coop, it sucks. 

I have a very smart, nice, and loving mother by the name of Jodi Halverson. She has dirty blonde hair, beautiful brown eyes and I think she's 34 years old. I've had great adventures with her and against her too, like one time I was pestering my sister. So my mom said that if I pester her anymore she would discipline me, but I was persistent to the end, well I guess I just actually kept on pestering her until I got in trouble. Well the point is, I still can have a good time with my mom, even when I am against her. 

I also have a father who is tough, willing to get his hands dirty and very jolly at the same time. He disciplines me when I most need it, and he rewards me when I deserve it. He's the most greatest type of dad you can have, actually he's the Russell Halverson type of dad (which is better). He has blue eyes, dark brown hair, is about 36 years old at my guess and has great athletic ability. I always try to be like my dad, I think he's just too great to compare, just too awesome to explain! He's the best dad ever :)

I've had great adventures with him such as going hunting with him to learning how to put up a tree-stand. Like one time I went to put up a tree-stand at our friends place. My dad would cut a path to the tree since it was so bushy while I would explore. I remember I would explore and get caught in the sticker bushes I would scream and scream until he found me and saved me. Yay, it was a long time ago I'd say I was 5 or 6 years old. I wish I could just go back in time.

When I grow up I want to be either a chemical scientist, an artist, or I want to play college basketball and maybe the NBA. There are many things I could be when I grow up, but I am mainly told that I can be very smart and be a scientist if I focus as a kid but to be honest I most of all want to be like my Uncle Jamin working with science, elements and chemicals.

The end. 

Cooper brought this home from school last week, a writing/typing project that I didn't even know his class was doing. I found it extremely delightful to read, even though it quickly became quite apparent that I don't hold a candle to my husband in our sons eyes!

"Too great to compare, too awesome to explain"? Well. Good thing I have my "beautiful brown eyes", which is practically the same thing, except NOT AT ALL. I see how it is, Coop Cooper!

Seriously though, how adorable was that. I'm going to keep it forever and ever.
I love you, Cooper, Champion of the world.


  1. Oh my goodness that was quite something, almost teared up reading about Russell, who knew he didn't like "Coop" ... I love calling him that . sigh ! ( hope he gets a good grade )

  2. Gary told me it was touching, and he was right.