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Christmas: the pictorial tour


That's my fancy way of saying "here's a bunch of pictures of Christmas."

I could write a whole bunch about it too, but who wants to waste precious holiday vacation time on blog writing when there's more chocolate to consume/reading to be done/movies to watch/games to play/naps to take?

Not me. Let's begin...

Phase 1: Christmas Eve, opening presents with the kids at home
^^Fun surprises for the kids: giant lego (the Target fiasco gift), a REAL 4-wheeler, and shearling boots^^

Phase 2: Christmas morning at my parents

^^we'll call this one "surprise faces!"^^
^^and this was the best surprise of all! A touring bike for Mum, whose next grand adventure is cycling across the US in 2015!^^
Phase 3: Christmas afternoon with Russ's family
^^All the cousins^^
^^suprise number next: a new computer for my mother-in-law! Good job Gary :)^^

^^It's Christmas tradition that Uncle Erik accidentally gets too rough and makes Blake cry. Classic ;)^^
All in all it was an easy, fun, WONDERFUL Christmas. There are a thousand more pictures of course but like I said... Christmas vacation must be enjoyed and I'm off to do just that! 


  1. Great pictures of you and the amaze me Jodi, how did you get it down to just those few?

    1. It was a hard and painful process! I managed to squeeze in 34 pics though... that's pretty good for one blog post!