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A Thanksgiving recap


Thanksgiving was wonderful. The whole thing. It's been the best extra-long weekend in quite a while!

Wednesday night we stayed in, watching Christmas movies on netflix in front of the fire and eating popcorn. (To say Jingle All The Way made both Russ's and my eyes tear up at one point would be too embarrassing to admit so I'll just say that gosh darn it, when you start turning into emotional saps, just about anything can set you off!)

Thursday we went to Russ's sister's first for our Halverson family thanksgiving and then over to my cousin Stephanie's in the evening for our Wilson family thanksgiving. Two feasts, and I amazingly didn't overeat. I don't even know how that happened! Both gatherings were fun, easy and relaxed, and delicious.

Late Thursday night when we were back home and the kids were in bed I left with Mum, my sister-in-law Tricia, and my niece Miranda for a little late night Black Friday shopping. Which turned into a lot of Black Friday shopping seeing as that we returned at 5:30 IN THE A.M. I also don't know how that happened. What I do know is that we missed the crowds, had tons of fun, and I'm now 85% done with all my Christmas shopping.

After sleeping half of Friday we did some more of absolutely nothing around the fire and it was lovely, followed by an evening over at Erik and Tricia's eating leftovers and movie-watching.

Saturday Russell and I checked out the TV show Blacklist after hearing about it from both Russ's siblings and ended up watching the first 5 episodes back-to-back. That's right, we like it. (As of last night we are up to episode 8.) This was followed by an afternoon of learning how to finger-knit scarves with Kendall and a bunch of cute girls at my friend Therese's, and finished up with dinner out at Gustav's and the movie Catching Fire (my second time) while the kids had fun at Grandma's. Thanksgiving weekend AND date night? Pretty hard to top that.

As for yesterday, I'll just call it what it was: nap day. More finger-knitting. More Blacklist watching. More leftovers :) And you know what's wonderful? The kids have no school today! It's the holiday weekend that keeps on giving. Happy Monday, my friends!

And finally... some holiday pictures:


^^watching THIS I Am Second video^^

^^my fun parents and their five grandkids. Can you say Christmas card?!^^


  1. I did have fun with the kids...we had a Duck Dynasty fest with dvd season 1 which the kids had all seen before. Had tacos and popcorn and a trip to drop off cousins at 11:00pm. They might have been a skosh tired this morning:)

    1. The boys slept till 8:45 am... unheard of! Thanks so much for being so fun :)

  2. Great recap, thanks . I guess I'll have to check out Blacklist and see what that is like now. FYI. " Frozen" is a very cute movie .