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Look at me, so tired I don't even want to type out the whole title.

These three sad little outfits are all I wore last week, before Head Cold Carla hit me like the plague. Yes, I named her... she was a level 4 cold, and the casualties left in her aftermath include my heaping laundry pile, 2 empty tissue boxes, and my poor family who were actually fed toast as their main dinner course last night.

No. 1
Shade Clothing tee, H&M scarf, Big Star jeans, Ugg boots

No. 2 
Cynthia Rowley top, and oh look, I just pulled on the same jeans and uggs as the day before! It happens sometimes.

No. 3 
Target cardigan, blouse, and jeans, Matisse boots from DSW Shoes

Here's to a healthier week, thank you, Jesus!

pleated poppy


  1. I really like your first outfit! This is such a fun pattern mixing look. Hope you are feeling better too. It's sad when us moms get sick, the whole family usually falls apart. My family has been fed toast or cereal in the past too, lol!

  2. Definitely know how you felt re: head cold Carla...but great outfits even so , cute hair braid too ...and here's to hot buttered toast !! Love you.