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What I Wore Wednesday No. 170


Russ and I are off on a little pre-basketball-season getaway today... with no children! 
Blogging over the next 5 days may be sporadic (or nonexistent, we shall see.)

As you can see, I've really honed my "packing light" skills ;)

No. 1
Ross plaid shirt, old Aeropostale sweater, Walmart jeans, Matisse boots from DSW Shoes

No. 2 
Old Old Navy dress, Old Navy cardigan, Fylo leggings, Mattise boots, thrifted leather belt

No. 3 
TJ Maxx top (new), Kut from the Kloth jeans (new and returned the next day after deciding I didn't like them), Target wedge booties

No. 4 
TJ Maxx sweater (new), Old Navy tee, thrifted Banana Republic jeans, Matisse boots

No. 5 
Target blouse, cardigan, & booties, Big Star jeans from Nordstrom Rack (new, bought to replace the returned jeans from outfit #3... LOVE them)

And with that I'm outa here! Happy Wednesday :)

pleated poppy


  1. Can I just say how in love I am with your two new TJ Maxx finds?! Mega jealous! And that Old Navy dress just looks absolutely stunning on you. I hope you have a great vacation away!

  2. I love the new top in #3! Very nice! :)

  3. Great blog:) I enjoy stopping by and reading your posts.

  4. Cute, as always! A new TJ Maxx and Home Goods just opened up a minute from me-I'm in trouble.

  5. I must have missed this last week, love the new additions especially 1,3,4 looking good Jod .