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texting with Russell


^^Hey, cute husband!^^

Not all of these are recent (or appropriate!), but I like to store them up like the little gems they are...

me: so I found these cute boots on ebay...
Russ: buy em :)

me: You're lucky to have such a laid back wife, you know ;)
Russ: I would love to lie with my wife... that's what I just read, if you want me to hear anything else you'd better not use the words laid and wife in the same sentence :)

Russ: At the gas station. Do you care if I give a couple of tweaker (druggie) kids $10 for gas? Laid on my heart
me: of course not

me: thanks honey for saving me last night when I ran out of gas, you are the best!
Russ: no worries sugar momma ;)

Russ (at the Dr. office): they are going to do an xray for nemoanya
me: do you mean pneumonia? Coz that wasn't even close
Russ: thank you mrs. dictionary, some of us are sick here!

(After going over the budget with Russ before leaving for grocery shopping with my mother, and ending in a heated argument over my "methods" of documenting our spending, I basically stormed off with a "don't micromanage me because I WILL QUIT!" and then sent Mum a text, except I accidentally sent it to Russ...)
me: not quite ready to leave, can you give me an extra 15 minutes?
Russ, pretending to be mum: Let's just cancel for tonight. Instead of giving you an extra 15 minutes I think you should spend the entire day making love with your husband!
me: oh my gosh I would smile except I don't like you right now!
Russ: well since your evening plans have been cancelled you can learn to like me.
me: Ha!
(And just like that we were made up and off I went shopping where I happily bought myself some fun things along the way :)


  1. Hi, Jodi! I'm a long time lurker, but I had to come out and say this made my morning. I have four kids...with the stomach flu. It is awful. I am on my fourth all-nighter cleaning Yuck and snuggling sickies. My husband came home from work last night and told me to call my friend and go have a girls night out dinner because I needed a break. It was wonderful, but only 12 hours later I find myself needing some encouragement to motor through today. This was too cute! Yay for fun marriage :) Thanks for a much needed smile!

    1. You are literally living my worst nightmare! I so feel your pain!! What a great hubby you have though, every mama needs a break - sick kids or not! Thanks for such a sweet comment and I pray your weekend is much, much better than your week has been!

  2. I did have to chuckle, ..Russ's spelling is as funny as he is. Glad you saved all those to brighten all our days.

  3. I have one word.......FUN! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the laugh. :)

  4. This is fun! love it

  5. You know.... Ever since he saved those sheep he's had a special place in my heart.... Lucky sugar momma;)

  6. Coolest example of a fun loving marriage relationship I've ever read!

  7. P.S. They are ALL appropriate!