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Monday confessions


- Thanks to the end of daylight savings time, I had a whole extra hour to get ready for church yesterday morning, and yet I still walked in at 10:05 am. I don't even know. It's a gift I guess. A horrible, horrible gift.

- I watched the movie The Village with some girlfriends Saturday night and wasn't sure if I liked it or not, so watched it again last night with Russ. Verdict's now leaning towards a thumbs up but I'm not sure why. WEIRD MOVIE.

- I have probably eaten 1/4 of my children's Halloween candy. I need it gone out of my house!

- I recently got myself a little part time job and will get my first paycheck tomorrow. Problem is, I was so excited about getting my own paycheck that I may have gotten a little ahead of myself and pre-spent a small portion of it while out shopping last week. For this I earned myself a major eye roll from the husband. Well-earned I'd say, I am ridiculous.

Also ridiculous: the number of cute iphone cases out there to choose from. Help me pick one for my new phone?
{All found on this website}
Of course, whether I'll actually buy one or not will be based on my ability to save any of my paycheck past PAYDAY ;)


  1. The answer is of course... buy all four!!! Hello, they're kind of like purses... you need options!! ;) (and there goes next month's paycheck too).

  2. They ARE all cute aren't they ?! I shoot for 3 since your phone is yellow, but black would also go good with yellow.. With that help you'll probably go for number 1.

  3. HAHAha---I like #2 and #1 but think I think you should keeeeep shopping!

  4. I love #1 and #2, but I'm partial to aqua!

  5. Jodi, you made me laugh out loud, "it's a gift. A horrible, horrible gift" That's why I dig you, girl!!