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Friday photo dump


These two filled my woodshed, and my love tank last weekend! We burn wood in our stove from Oct-April so we need a lot of it! 
I love having a toasty warm house all fall/winter/early spring long :)

It's getting so dark in the early evening already... I'm dreading the clocks turning back Sunday. 
One upside to winter though is I bake a lot! Makes for a happy family :)

Capturing the beauty in our own backyard.

We USED to have a lawn out there!

Bought myself a block of Parmesan at Costco last year, not knowing it would last me a thousand years using my microplane zester... good thing aged cheese doesn't have an expiration date!

So I'm just innocently grocery shopping on Thursday when Jana texts me from TJ Maxx to say they have lots of the thick wrap sweaters we've been eyeing lately. Next thing you know I'm in a dressing room and THIS has happened. 
Don't tell Russ. 
On the plus side, look! I CAN buy patterns other than stripes!

A ninja, a gypsy, and a cowboy walk into a bar...

Oh wait, walk into a harvest party ;) Super fun night for all involved! More pics to come next week.

But I just had to share this one of my friend's four kids because ADORABLE ALERT.

This weekend we're busy throwing a garage sale. You know, because it's November and all. 
See ya on the flip side!


  1. I love all the Halloween costumes, especially your friend's kids! :)

    1. So what's Halloween like in NZ/Uk these days? Back when we lived there NOBODY did anything for it.

  2. Our garage looks just like your wood shed, piled high with wood. It's our heat too.

    Love the little cowboy and Indians. So adorable.