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End of the weekend photo dump


Cuddling in front of our shop's wood stove a couple weekends ago at our garage sale - our AWESOME garage sale - thanks to all the yard sale junkies being bored by the time November rolled around and coming out in droves!

This may look like a small seam but it was actually almost half the leg length of my husband's Carhartt dungarees that I lovingly sewed up by hand. Took me an entire movie! (I'm not saying it's pretty, but it works!)

Lunch date with Jana at Sweet Tomatoes on a rainy day. 
One of my very favorite places to eat and one of my very favorite people to eat with :) 

Surprised at the dessert spread at Fred Meyers grocery store... when did they get so fancy?!

Jamberry nail sample from the party my sister and I hosted last Monday night... love the single nail contrast!

Kelly and I made sure there were plenty of good eats too. 

Monday and Wednesday mornings. Turbo Jammin' with my friend, Kristie. LOTS of sweat.

Winter temperatures call for pot roast. One of our family faves. 

I first tried Bare Minerals makeup last November and just now had to buy more... makes it totally worth it! (Also had to pick up more Mac eye paint in bare canvas... keeps the eyeshadow on perfectly all day.)


Yes. I stepped out of my car the other night and slipped on a banana peel. No lie. 
If you were in the same parking lot as me you would have heard my loud exclamation, "A BANANA PEEL?!! WHAT AM I IN, A CARTOON?"

And then I had to take a picture of it because I still couldn't believe it.  

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