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Back to tell you all about it


Let's take a look at our vacation, shall we? Because you KNOW I took plenty of pictures while we were gone!

A large part of that was because while in Eagle Crest (outside of Redmond, OR) we attended the 1A/2A state volleyball finals to watch our niece Miranda and Doug and Sarah's daughter Kennedy compete with their team in the final 8 playoffs for the first time in our school history.

It was very, very awesome to say the least. And to get to be a part while enjoying our getaway felt like having our cake and eating it too :)

But back to the beginning...
Lunch at Calamity Jane's on our way over. Last year we went to Leavenworth, WA for our couples getaway and had so much fun we had to repeat the experience again this year. 

The beginning of what seemed like an innocent little bike ride. (Taken approximately 30 seconds before Russell crashed magnificently, while still in front of our condo, and we about died laughing.)

Gorgeous views on the way down, down, down our big loop ride, which is when I started to get really nervous about how much downhill we were traveling and what that would mean for me when we started to loop back UP.

And here's me about 5 miles later, still plodding on! Okay, what's really happening is it's raining pretty steadily and I just almost threw up because I'm a cardio weenie and Doug had to go get the car to come back for me because HECK NO, I couldn't make it. Eagle crest ain't flat, folks. Not by a long shot. 

Late night gaming and movie watching. Accompanied by pie, ice cream, a Costco sized bag of Hi-Chews, and chips and salsa. We do vacations right.

A beautiful barn that I would like to adopt and keep forever. Central Oregon has some of the coolest buildings.

My sisters-in-law Cara and Tricia are the assistant coaches for the volleyball team so it was fun to see them when they arrived for the Friday/Saturday tournament.

And look who else arrived, a whole herd of CCS True Blue believers!

Including my mother and friends Tracy and Therese.

As for our girls, they ended up taking 5th place in State... an amazing accomplishment!

And Miranda made 1st team all tournament, a huge honor. (She is a STUD.)

And then we got back to our getaway and watched more movies, ate out some more, and enjoyed our time with our friends so, so much. 

Thanks for a great trip, Doug and Sarah, we love you guys! 

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