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Awkward and Awesome


- Me, every time there's a "shake it" dance portion during my Turbo Jam workouts. I ain't got no shake it rhythm, that's for SURE.

- Walking into a public men's room on accident and upon seeing a MAN (surprise, surprise), concluding that he's in the wrong bathroom and telling him so! Spotted the urinals two seconds too late on that one.

- Closing your eyes from a surprise sneeze as you quickly turn your head away, and then opening them again to see a small spittle of phlegm STILL AIRBORNE as it arcs across a room before landing on the floor a good 7 feet away.

(This of course never happened to ME. And not in public either. Oh heavens no! But wouldn't that be awkward if it did happen? And you just froze in horror instead of instantly moving into action? I agree, what a terribly embarrassing situation. I pray I never ever go through that again EVER.)

- This dandy little idea I came up with during a moment of pure laundry room frustration:
We have a whole wall of shelving in our laundry room just for shoes. And two tall laundry hampers for whites and colors. Yet where do I find everyone's shoes and dirty clothes? On the laundry floor where they've been hastily thrown. Constantly.

I'll tell you something, money is a powerful motivator. Not a single infraction yet! Give it 48 hours though... I see some coffee money in my future ;)

- The spontaneous after-dinner sharing time we had as a family last night when I asked everyone to say what they were thankful for about each member of our family. The kids did not hold back and we were all puddles of mush and gushiness for a bit there! I heart my family.

- Stephen's Pumpkin Spice hot chocolate. Thank you Winco for revealing this treasure to me. Delish.

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