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What I Wore Wednesday


This week's post is what I like to call "outfit heavy". I didn't even share one of the outfits I took pictures of and I still have seven! A direct correlation to how busy I've been keeping myself...

No. 1
Shade Clothing tee, Target puffer vest, thrifted Maurice's jeans, Ugg cardy boots

No. 2 
Target blouse, cardigan & jeans, Matisse boots from DSW Shoes, Wet Seal necklace

No. 3 
(to work in the school office)
Target dress & cardigan, Maurice's purple tights (PURPLE!) and belt, Matisse boots

No. 4 
Old Navy top, clothes swap REI puffer vest, Target jeans, Matiise boots, old Fred Meyer's necklace

No. 5
(to an outdoor evening wedding)
thrifted Target dress, Old Navy cropped cardigan, thrifted belt, Walmart patterned tights, Matisse boots

No. 6
(to church - where I had the fashion malfunction)
Maurice's shirt, clothes swap Banana Republic skirt, Sassy Steals necklace, Matisse boots

No. 7 
thrifted H&M shirt, Calvin Klein jeans, Ross sandals, Wet Seal necklace

Is five days in a row too many to wear your favorite riding boots? Apparently not if you are me.
Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy


  1. I always like your outfits. You've got a really cute sense of style.

    Loving #3 & #5, but #7 looks really pretty on you.

  2. All of these looks are cute and you can never wear riding boots too many days in a row! Love looks #2, 4 and 6!

  3. I love the outfit you wore to work at the school office - very cute! :)

  4. Love outfit number 5 for the wedding the most! Great looks again this week!!

    Come link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday

  5. I always love your outfits! I enjoy puffer vests-I wore mine today! Love that purple cardi too.

  6. I'm going with 7 and 4 , but of course I like the others as well especially office day..on a side cool you have a follower from the U.K. awesome!