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The weekend list, on Tuesday


This past weekend was a particularly lovely "do-nothing" weekend, made especially delightful by the following:

1. It was a stormin' and raining buckets like crazy so Russ built our first fire of the season Friday afternoon, making the house a toasty 80 degrees and so cozy that I had no desire to go anywhere (which was handy because I had nowhere to go.) I have no plans to let it go out now until next April. Perhaps May.

2. More importantly than me having nowhere to go, Russell, the EVER-BUSY ONE had nowhere to go! And do you know what that meant? Besides my fire getting built? The driveway was graded. The wood shed was cleaned out. Our recently delivered firewood was neatly stacked. The yard was tidied. A bonfire was built to burn the summer's clippings. Russ was in his happy place. In between projects he came in to watch football games while I read and baked and watched movies with Kendall and Blake and basically avoided anything resembling work at all.
During a break in the rain. Russ's happy place is also Blake's... he was Daddy's sidekick most of the day.
3. Cooper was gone, one of our children who shall remain nameless was gone, making a VAST difference in the noise/fighting-siblings/mess-everywhere level of the house.

(Did I just list having one of our children gone as a plus to the weekend? We miss you Cooper nameless child! Really, we do!)

4. On Saturday night Russ and I finally watched World War Z and I liked it immensely, despite the fact that my stomach was a clenched knot of "I'm about to freeeeak out!" the entire time. Of course, I couldn't go to bed straight after watching it, and that is how it came about that Russ and I started the cute comedy Admission at 11:40 pm and didn't go to bed until after 1:30 am. (It totally worked too, no freaky zombie dreams.)

5. Duck Dynasty. There was a lot of it. And pot roast, yummy pot roast.

Uneventful and perfect. That was our weekend!


  1. Ahhhhh! Im in Texas so its a wet and gumid 95. Counting down the days till cool weather. ;-) i love ,love your blog btw!

    1. Thank you Wendi! I don't think I could survive Texas! I'm a weather light weight ;)