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Pumpkin Patch


Monday morning was Blake's first official school field trip. We went to Bauman Farms, The world's okay maybe just Oregon's best pumpkin patch ever, and in Blake's own words; it was his "most awesome field trip yet!"

As someone with a 7th and 5th grader and therefore MUCH field tripping experience, I still have to agree with Blake, it was totally awesome. Besides the tractor ride to pick our pumpkins, visit to the petting zoo, and demo of how fresh cider is made, we also got to taste-test the freshly made cider and then sample their warm-out-of-the-ovens apple cider donuts, which are amazing.

I may or may not have taken a little side-trip over to their store to buy a bag of six for the road. Nomm. Don't worry though, I shared. Three of them, to be exact. ;) 

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