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It's all fun and games till your car dies in the road


Yesterday was a crazy busy day.

Prayer group after morning school drop off.
Back down to the school for 11am kindergarten pickup.
Off to friend Kristie's for hour long Turbo Jam workout (twice a week, every week, because we ROCK.)
Run home, quick lunch and shower, then drop off kindergartner at Mum's and head to doctor appointment.
Back to Mum's to pick up all three kids who are now all out of school.
Drop oldest and youngest off at home and run middle child all over the planet (okay, into Molalla and then back out to Colton) selling Scentsy for a school fundraiser and collecting the money. (Middle child is rockstar salesman and does awesome.)
Quick stop at the taco stand for dinner.
Drop middle child back home, pick up oldest child, inhale tacos, kiss husband hello and goodbye, and off to friend's very first Jamberry Nails party, dropping off oldest on the way to babysit for sister's boys.

Fall in love with Jamberry Nails. (What's not to love?! They are inexpensive, easy to apply, last two weeks with no chipping or peeling, do zero nail damage, and come in one billion cute designs!)
Book own home party to host. (Nov 11th. Please come!)
Chat for way too long while completely enjoy a relaxing and child-free evening.
Pick up oldest and head home.
Run out of gas. DEAD IN THE ROAD. Two minutes after the closest gas station closes.
Call husband and wake him from a dead sleep after warning oldest child to "brace yourself, this may not be pretty".
Sigh in relief when husband is not upset at all and swoops in to the rescue with nary a word of rebuke.
Drive to next closest gas station and fill up.
Come home and kiss award-deserving husband.

Lesson learned: When driving till kingdom come all day, better check the gas gauge.


  1. Oh Jodi! You and your gas tank tales... they are many.
    LOVE the nails.. I'm excited for our party!!

    1. I ALMOST called you to tell you when it happened but was too ashamed!!

  2. rats i forgot about the party!

    1. Never fear, Trish, you can come to mine ;)

  3. Cute! I love your nails! I am about to go and Google them... :)

  4. Ah yes.... LOVE the nails but very sad about the gas! At least it makes for an adventurous blog! :)