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Hey, neighhhhbor


It's not every day you come home to find a horse in your yard.

But when you do, and you are one of my children, you immediately come to the least likely conclusion... that daddy brought one home as a surprise and left it there for you, gates wide open, even though he's still at work.

I'm afraid I had to break the news that this was not the case, the horse must have escaped from a neighbors and found it's way to our backyard on it's own.

To this announcement the children immediately hatched a plan to keep it forever and named it Dusty. Again I was the bearer of bad news: the horse would certainly be missed by it's owner and would not be staying.

Such a mean mom.

It was a fun couple of hours though...

He was the nicest horse. Turns out he's 35 years old. His owner collected him gratefully later that evening and the children then got their first glimpse of real horse-ownership: pooper-scooping!

Haven't heard a word about owning a horse since.


  1. Hehe how cool! I don't love horses, but this one looks kind of sweet. Glad you found his owner though. :)

  2. Great post Jod , love the way you write and hearing about all your experiences ... Saw the poop , someone slipped up on their job, ; D watch where you step tee hee hee

  3. that horse definitely looks 35. It's back is so swayed!