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Friday photo dump


Scenes from the week from the cell phone...

Doesn't get much better than having your cousin on your soccer team! Tomorrow is their last game.
I admit I will slightly miss the getting up early to watch their Saturday morning games. Slightly. 

We attended the most beautiful outdoor Fall wedding last Saturday evening. It was perfect. 

They had a new family bible out for guests to underline and sign their favorite scripture for the couple.
I thought this was such a cool idea!

We knew the newlyweds from when they were just little kids.
Awww, so sweet to watch them grow up and be a part of their special day!
(Gosh darn, it makes you feel old though...)

My friend Joni consulting at her first Jamberry Nail party. I'm so excited for her new business!

Early morning coffee date with Jana after dropping the kids off at school.
That cinnamon roll piled with cream cheese frosting was amaaazing

And then we felt guilty and walked two miles at the track ;)

Blake sporting his new buzz cut from Daddy. Handsome lil' fella!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. That "B" is so darn photogenic .... Cute with a capital "C" !!

  2. Still haven't spotted any Jamberry here in the UK. :(