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Friday photo dump


Why hello Friday night! Time for a photo dump of the cell phone pics...

First off, and most importantly:
As I'm sure you can guess, not much else has been going on since this sweet yellow baby arrived in my hands :) I am in love. 

This cute lil' number was a $7.99 deal on that I could just not pass up. 
Can't wait to wear it soon!

"Date" being a relative term here... we went to Costco. 
But ALSO krispy kreme for their pumpkin cheesecake donut aaand Dutch Bros. for coffee, so yeah! Great sister date!

Serious artist at work. Note: watercolors work horribly on pumpkins, but 5-year-old boys don't care.
They get to dip paint brushes in water cups!

If you don't live near a Costco then I feel sad for you. Unless you can find these somewhere else, in which case, woohoo for you!
 The fine print mentions wrapped in white chocolate and that's all I needed to see... SOLD. They are amaaaaaziiiing.

This year I have started working in my kids' school office once a week. I am loving it!
Especially working with my beautiful friend Sairaina :)

Kendall's volleyball team ready to play their last game of the season earlier today. 
They had such a great season and improved so much, I can't wait to watch them next year!

And seeing as that it was the last game of the season, off we went to Dairy Queen afterwards to try their new pumpkin pie blizzards. 
Two thumbs up, guys. 

Happy weekend!


  1. Tim Grandle the photo-bomber, classic ha ha ha!

  2. I was just going to say that ... Great photo bombing by Tim. Lovely photo of you and Kendall, also the one with Saraina, very cute. I'm sorry I missed Kendall's last game, I didn't get the memo !