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Because sharing is caring


Recently Russell and I made one of those "lightbulb moment" discoveries that gets you so excited you want to tell everyone you know about it just in case it's an exciting discovery for them too.

(Sometimes this results in you finding out that most people did know already, and where the heck have you been all this while?! It's a crapshoot really.)


Did you know that if you are still paying for a land line on top of your cell phones (like us), because everybody you know/business you use has that phone number and you don't want to change it (like us) AND you still have children at home that either 1. are being babysat by a teen sitter who doesn't have their own cell phone to call you in case of emergency while you're out, or 2. are old enough to stay home by themselves but not old enough to have their own cell phone yet and need to be able to reach you if you're gone (like us), you can add another line to your wireless family plan and pick up a FREE wireless home phone base that your old home phone base just plugs into, automatically converting it to a cell line, and keeping your same local phone number?

And that it could save you $400.00 A YEAR?!!

I'm going to pretend that you had no idea the world was now so cool. We had no idea either! But a recent phone call to our local phone company plus a visit to our wireless provider's website led me to this information and I was immediately all, "RUSSELL. I HAVE MIND-BOGGLING NEWS. CALLLL MEEEEEE." (via text.)

(To which Russell did NOT respond for a good half hour because he is used to my over-excitement regarding all the things and in the mean time I had to call my sister-in-law, Cara, instead, because SOMEBODY needed to know this very important information, gosh darn it!)

Anyway. Last Saturday night Russ and I went out on a little date night and our first stop was the AT&T store (Verizon has this option too, and probably all other wireless providers.) It was so quick and easy, we were in and out in 10 minutes. An additional family plan line is $9.99 and the base is free. They collect your regular phone company account number, phone number, and address and do the line conversion behind the scenes, so that all you have to do is take the base home and plug your home phone into it.

And just like that we dropped our $43 a month home phone bill (after taxes and the extra cost for call waiting & caller ID), in exchange for $9.99 a month, all while keeping our home phone and phone number, and with voice mail, call waiting, and caller ID now included for free. Booyah!

($33.00 a month in savings x 12 months = $396.00 = no reason why I shouldn't be able to get the new iphone 5c now ;)

After that we went to the movies and lucked upon a sneak peek showing of Captain Phillips, which doesn't officially come out until this Friday.

You guys. It was so, soooo good. EXCELLENT, if you will.

If you haven't heard of it, it's the true story of Captain Rich Phillips (played brilliantly by Tom Hanks) who in 2009 was taken hostage by Somali pirates during the first capture of a US cargo ship in 200 years.

Holy moly, it's intense! Russell and I both loved it.

And then we finished off the evening with a late night dinner at Red Robin (we're talking 10 pm late), and a happier and hungrier couple you'd have yet to meet that night.

Newsflash: try the salted caramel malt. Scrumptious.

I hope this info was helpful to at least one person!

(Not a sponsored ad by the way. Just had to share because I love you all :)


  1. Great news Jodi! Doug and I ket our land line go because of all
    The telemarketing and political calls. And thats even being on the "no call" list.
    We got an internet phone line (smartJack), from radio shack.
    Our old home phone plugs into it as well. We pay $69
    Annually for our service. So that's a great way to go,
    Also if people haven't switched you. I believe you can even
    Port your current land line number over for this service too if I remember
    Correctly! Thanks for sharing! I love your blog!

    1. That sounds really cool, Cristy! What an awesome price!

  2. I wish we could do that but in colton you have to have a phone line thru them to get internet. it's a bummer:(

    1. I think that is the same problem we have, internet through BCT and the internet through Verizon and At&T are not clear enough here...yet

  3. Yeah!! Definitely a new iPhone 5c. Worthy. What color?!

    1. Yellow, baby! I haven't got it yet though... one more week!

  4. I was very excited about this for a short time... poo poo on ColtonTel.. Still very happy for you though.