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10 year old boys


Sometimes 10-year-old boys won't tell you that their toothbrush is missing, they'll just "use their finger" and assume it works just as well. FOR THREE WEEKS. So in horror you will send them off with a brand new one, still in the package, when they leave on a week long hunting trip with Grandma and Grandpa, only to find it STILL UNOPENED when they return.  

Sometimes 10-year-old boys will decide that their socks aren't really dirty if they've only worn them once, and will start stuffing them back in their sock drawer for later use. 

Sometimes 10-year-old boys will do things like this with a squirrel tail and you won't even want to ask them the back story.
Sometimes 10-year-old boys will love bacon so much that they will ask for some for Christmas. In October. 

Sometimes 10-year-old boys will exasperate you to no end with their pestering, boisterous, obnoxiously loud, OUT OF CONTROL ways, and the only thing left to do is send them outside to run laps around the house until they burn off some of that energy.

Sometimes 10-year-old boys will delight you with their artistry.

Sometimes 10-year-old boys will open up their heart to you and share what a struggle it is for them to admit fault and say "I'm sorry", and you will know exactly what they're talking about because, hello child of my own flesh, I HEAR YA. 


  1. Jodi that was beautiful. I love you!

  2. I was just thinking the other day that it was high time we had a good Cooper posting. Great pics, funny tales (and gross & disturbing tails) and all around awesome post. Just love that Coop kid - tell him Auntie will get him bacon for Christmas!!!!

  3. I love Coops artistic talent and that Teri took pics so we all could see.

  4. I love this Cooper posting too. He was such fun and very entertaining up camping. What a hoot! And his dad used to be told to run around the house many many times too.

  5. I wish you could have seen all the things he did with that squirrel tail. I'll just say he wasn't very concerned about germs. What a crazy and sweet boy.