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Oh hey, Tuesday


I didn't mean to not blog last Friday or all weekend or yesterday. It just sort of happened because the best laid plans mean nothing when you have the time management skills of someone like myself.

And by that I mean I have ZERO time management skills.

I did manage to watch the past three weeks episodes of So You Think You Can Dance plus four movies though so you know, accomplishment!

I was having myself a "staycation" weekend because Russ took Cooper hunting in Eastern Oregon and it was just me, Kendall and Blake. And Sairaina, who I talked into coming over and watching three movies with me Saturday night. We probably wouldn't have watched three if we hadn't started out with The Call... a thriller that freaked me out just enough to know that I was going to have to watch a couple of "safe" films before going to bed all alone in an empty house. (At least, empty of a big strong husband.) Like I've said before... my dreams can get craaazy.

Thankfully I slept just fine all three nights Russ was gone, and even managed to get myself on the treadmill again. Hey, did I mention accomplishment?!

So, Russ's trip. He didn't get an elk but came home with these pictures of Cooper which I'm afraid I'm going to share because I'm used to such sights by now.
Cooper of course declared the weekend one of the highlights of his young life.

And now I must be going because my day today is packed full and it's already past midnight Monday night. Next up I'm going to share before and after pics of our house getting painted, which was the absolute highlight of last week. Stay tuned!


  1. Great blog today! Keep the carnage coming! The more pictures of dead animals you can post the better.

    1. I knew you wouldn't let me down, Tim :) I told Russ last night "I'm gonna get a comment from Tim on this one!" haha.

    2. Yep, I guess you know me pretty well. Sounds like Cooper had a good time with Russ and did a good job keeping up with him. It won't be long and they'll both be back in our camp (hopefully)!

  2. I love the top pic of Coop, did he shoot the rabbit himself ? Awesome if he did , thrilled he had such a good time.

    1. No Russ made the shot, Coop has to take a hunter safety course before he can shoot anything more than a BB gun. House rules! :)