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Monday Confessional


I wore camo to church yesterday.

Oh yes I did.
Kelly, me & Joni

In my defense, I will say that it was a special themed service, based on the sermon brought by my brother-in-law Dave who was guest-speaking, and that everyone was invited beforehand to participate.

(To which I initially said "HECK NO", and "I am embarrassed for our redneck church already", until I realized Russ and I were door greeters that day and it would probably be unsportsmanlike of me not to join in, darn it all.)

So off I went wearing one of Russ's shirts, as prettied up as I could make it, and I have to say, it turned out to be a blast! At least 60% of the congregation came decked out in some of camo paraphernalia, and the men especially seemed to embrace the call to gear up, some donning face paint and all (my husband included BUT OF COURSE.)

Only in Molalla.

Dave did a great job preaching, and definitely kept everyone's attention!

And I only slightly hoped we wouldn't have too many new visitors that day ;)


  1. I must say you looked amazing, who knew camo could look so fashionable !! It WAS a really fun morning. Dave did awesome, our Pastors will love it and now all the guys will be proud to say I'm Camo 4 life .

    1. Why thank you, mother ;) I'm not sure "fashionable" is the word many would go with!