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Friday photo dump


Also known as InstaFriday... cell phone shots of life lately. 

You know I love me a good photobooth! Jill, Amy and I at Amy's 30th bday bash two weekends ago.

Joni, Kelly and I with Dad, who I'm not sure knew what he was getting himself into when we suggested he join us for a "group picture" :)

Heaven on earth: alone in an empty Target with my first pumpkin spice white mocha of the season. 
I stayed for two hours, thank you very much. 

Cutest little book found in Costco last week... it's hilarious too!

With my parents at Lil' Cooperstown celebrating Mum's birthday with all the fam.

She is: caring, giving, fun, adventurous, amazing, loving, the best friend, AWESOME.

Getting my fancy on in the kitchen. Yuuuum.

Cooper, cousin Drew, and their fake guns left last night for a week away at deer camp with Grandma and Grandpa Halverson. Cooper was so amped up and ready to go that he was climbing the walls waiting for Grandma to arrive to pick him up. No, literally. I was trying to give him some last minute instructions in the kitchen and I looked up to see he was actually up IN my kitchen windowsill, SIDEWAYS, hands, feet and all. 

So no, it wasn't that sad waving goodbye... it was more of a "God bless you my sweet in-laws, I'll be praying for you as you drive 6 hours confined in a small space with all that energy! Have fuuuuun!" ;)

Now, hip hooray for the weekend!

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