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Awkward and awesome


- finally watching Duck Dynasty with your husband and realizing "oh my gosh, my husband could be ON this show."
- enthusiastically waving at a stranger in a car because your husband just waved at them so you thought it might be someone you know, when it turns out it was just a guy who yielded his turn to you at the 4-way stop so your husband was politely thanking him.
- using your husband's stick shift car for the week and stalling out almost every time you pull out of your long driveway because you forgot you were in 2nd gear already.
- leaving the headlights on overnight (again in your husband's car - a DIESEL) so asking a friend to come give you a jump only to find out that oh no, it's not that simple with a diesel. You need a BIG vehicle, and BIG jump cables, and THIRTY MINUTES of charging... and half your day wasted.
- bringing your so-so attempt at high heel cupcakes (found on pinterest) to a womens church event...
Only to see that you're going to have to put them next to these knockouts...
I have other skills, ok?!

- husbands who call you on the 7th day of their 9 day hunting trip to chat for a little while and then tell you, "oh by the way, I'm 10 minutes away." Hurrah!
- when your husband comes out dressed like this for church and makes you forget that you are mad at him for shaving off his hair.
Well hey, sexy. 

- hanging out with girlfriends at summer parties. I'll miss you, summer parties!

- bucks out your bedroom window...
- and pears ripe for the picking! (minus that rotten one hanging in front of the buck's ear. Pretend you don't see it.)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh, how I love the picture of your cupcakes right along side the fancy schmancy ones!! I can so relate. :) I bet the Nutter Butter put them over the top in the taste department, so still a win for you!

    1. Haha, it's true, mine were DELICIOUS! I think my statement upon seeing the other cupcakes was something like "I'm just gonna go put these back in the car real quick..." hehe.

  2. I wouldn't have seen the rotten pear til you pointed it out. LOL
    Your friends look like so much fun.
    And don't worry about the cupcakes, I'm sure they were still yummy. I heart nutterbutters. :)

  3. did Danielle make the fancy ones?

  4. much. laughter. You kill me girl.

  5. I'm sorry!!! I forgot we have "overachievers" amongst our friends. Next time you can help me with decorations. :)
    Also, ate yours... lemon-num-ness. :)

  6. I so relate to the awkward waving, like when you're waving at one person and a second person behind them waves also, or worse, you wave and they're waving at some one else. Aghh . Hard to believe it was only a couple of weeks ago we were in Summer heaven , I so miss you Summer :(

  7. I sympathize. My husband could totally be on Duck Dynasty too. Seriously. Every time he has a day off, I have to go down to the river to fish him and his canoe and whatever birds he has out of the river. And by fish, I really mean pick him and his gear up in the truck. Somehow I always end up smelling like river water. It's never pretty.

    Nice job on the cupcakes, even though they were sitting next to the Jimmy Choo cupcakes. ;-)


    1. I just laughed pretty hard at the jimmy choo comment... YES that's what they were! Yes we're definitely in the same boat husband-wise!!!