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10 on Tuesday


(10 instagram pictures, that is. It's been a while.)

The start of school two weeks ago meant the start of fresh chores. Yeah! Woohoo! Hurrah! I love me an organized chores list.   

Kicking off a new month of walking/running/reallyjustwalking. I didn't complete August but am not letting myself give it up. 

Favorite fall colors. 

Oh you know, just playing mommy/baby. Ages 12 & 5 1/2. 

Kids back in school means free mornings to hang out with one of my favorites! Nanna likes to invite me over to help her with camera/computer things and to feed me delicious food. I am up for this 100% of the time. 

My workout buddy is back! Our good friends moved back to town after a year away  and Kristie and I are up and running with a new twice-a-week workout schedule (to make up for the ZERO times I worked out to a fitness video without her.) 

Two months ago I accidentally left my beloved heavy duty baking sheets and spendy silicone liners in Sunriver while on vacation (yes I took them with me, that's how beloved they are.) This week I finally got them back, after driving to Emanuel Hospital in Portland at 9 pm at night to meet the wonderful night shift nurse who brought them back for me after her stay in the same rental house. (Isn't that the kindest?!)

In case you are as concerned at the idea of me driving into Portland alone at night to meet a stranger as Jana was, after I texted her to announce that THE EAGLE HAD LANDED, I'll reassure you the same way I did her: calm down, Mum came with me!

Blake's life dream has become a reality... he is finally on a sports team. If you run into him he will be quick to inform you, "I play soccer ball now".

Volleyball has started too (Go, Kendall!), which may require a little juggling this year. I am learning how important it is to really keep a calendar and use it at ALL times!

Remember that freshly painted new house I showed you last week? Guess who accidentally got left outside at night and tried to claw her way back in through the front door? Miley the dead-to-me dog, is who. Arrghhh.
Thank goodness for leftover paint. 


  1. Sorry about the door...but LOVE Kendall's socks in her volleyball picture! :)

  2. I'm sorry about the door too... Especially after seeing Miley's second attempt to be demoted from the family .!! Cute pics .