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You know your weekend is good when...


When it's still three weeks away from your birthday and you get taken out by your girlfriends for a surprise birthday night out!

First dinner...

(With a stop on the way for the most amazing Carribean Colada smoothie you've ever tasted)

Then to the theater to see My Fair Lady!
^^Jana, Tricia, Kelly & I^^
BEST. NIGHT. EVER. It was absolutely one of the best plays I've seen. I kept leaning forward to whisper "this is just delightful!" to the other girls and found myself grinning over and over again. 

I am a fool for musicals. And my Jana friend knows me so well, which is why she orchestrated the whole thing (I love her so.) Of course I had to come home and instantly find the movie to rewatch.... I think I love it even more now :)

Thank you again, girls!

And that was only Friday night! Saturday night was my cousin's wedding... and if there's anything that can compete with a night out at the theater, it's a beautiful outdoors evening wedding, surrounded by family and old friends.

^^Gideon & Blair (who is technically my first cousin once removed as she is my first cousin's oldest daughter. But we don't care about technical.) Don't ask me why I am awkwardly crouching over her. ^^
^^my brother and sister and I - pic taken by our friend Kristi^^
Yep, it was a good weekend.


  1. Glad you had such a great weekend! Beautiful bride and you looked wonderful yourself. You, your brother, and sister look very much alike.

  2. Great you got a pic with you and Blair.. It's good one, also glad the girls night out was amazing.

  3. I just love reading your blog. So much life and love on here :)

    1. Thank you! What a sweet compliment!