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My date with Kendall


Dear twelve year old Kendall,
Oh the adventures you will have this year.
On Tuesday we went on a birthday date together, just you and me.
You talked and talked and talked.
I loved listening to it all. 
We wrote song lyrics together on a napkin at Red Robin after splitting a meal,
your first off the grown-ups menu. 
You made sure I didn't forget to tell the waitress it was your birthday
so you could be sung to in front of everyone, loving the limelight. 
Like mother, like daughter :)
Afterwards, we snuck candy into the movie theater
and ate popcorn while watching Despicable Me 2
and we laughed our heads off. 
When we came home it was time for you to rush off to volleyball camp
so I made a cake to surprise you with when you returned. 
We had the candles lit and sang as you walked in the door
and the look on your face was priceless,
as if we'd thrown you a giant surprise party. 
You hugged every one of us, thanking us over and over again. 
So easily pleased. I love that about you.
And I love you, you sweet, precious, lovely daughter of mine. 
... TWELVE!!!

^^birthday money for the ipod touch she's saving up for^^


  1. Happy Birthday, Kendall!! What a special day for the two of you to share together.

  2. Happy 12th Birthday to Kendall! Looks like a fun day.

  3. Brought a tear to my eye . 😊

  4. I cried good tears too Carol.
    I love you Kendall!